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What a pain!

I just want to tell everyone to watch the difference between 'light' and 'low fat'!!! I've just got caught out with a Cardini Caesar dressing which I looked up in the directory as being a 'low fat' dressing at half a syn per level tbsp. When I went out and bought it, I picked up what I thought was the right one, even though it said 'light' on the bottle and only realised after I'd had 2 level tbsps of it on my lunch that 'light' & 'low fat' may not be the same thing. I've just rung the syns hotline and the lady has told me that its 3 syns per level tbsp so I've blown 5 more syns than I thought I had. Its so easy to get caught out isnt it??? Thats my Skinny Cow triple choc lolly treat gone for a burton tonight - bugger!!!!!!
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There must be less than 40 cals/100ml for it to be syn free so read the labels carefully! We were amazed how many calories were in some of the low fat and light salad dressings!
Still failed to find anywhere selling teh Fry Light salad dressings :(
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- yeah, iv been caught out many a time
'low fat greek yog'
coconut- i thought it was fruit, ie. free
suger free jelly, again thought it was free..
and the best one of all time, my secound week ... mishearing 'muller light' for muller rice. Needless to say after eating a whopping a day thinking it'd shift my weight loss, i didnt loose much that week. :)
Oh dear - glad its not just me!!!! I'm gutted too cos this Caesar dressing was lovely - I might have known it was too good to be true!!! LOL
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Haha. I know.. i do that, somtimes i think mmmm.. i cant believe this is only (insert) syns! .. oh wait.... its cos' its not. :( humpf LOL
"Low fat" should mean less than 3%
"Reduced fat" should mean at least 25% less than the original product (obviously if this is butter, this is not going to be low fat at all!!)
"Light" or "Lite" (why can't people spell properly??) means absolutely nothing at all. Whatever the manufacturer wants it to mean - it could even mean light in colour. It has no legal status.

And low fat doesn't mean low in calories because it says nothing about the amount of sugar.

Unfortunately there is no substitute for looking things up, or squinting at the small (sometimes very small!) print.

And I agree - the Cardini Light is very nice, so syn it and enjoy it!
Although I wouldn't normally spend 3 syns on a salad dressing, the Cardini Light was so lovely that I'm going to use it - although maybe NOT 6 syns worth!!!! Its terrible really that these food manufacturers just want to constantly pull the wool over our eyes and fool us into eating a product that isn't as healthy for us as they'd have us believe. I think it should be illegal to be so selective with the truth.
Very true - Avisk! It definitely pays to be aware of these things!! Thanks again for the advice! xxx
how about this then I loooove mayo! so when i make tuna mayo i use equal parts of tuna sweetcorn and moya which is always 6 tablespoons

Now look at the diffence between the regular light and extr light

Extra light 6 tblsp = 72 cal
light 6 tblsp = 210 cal
regular 6 tblsp= 540 cal

i couldnt believe i used to use full fat mayo!!
Thats a HUGE difference isnt it? Its quite mindblowing how 6 tbsp of mayo can produce such mega-calories when its not even a 'meal' as such. I'm certainly going to start looking at labels more before I eat things.


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My big mistake was thinking char grilled Mediterranean veg from Tescos was free, or very low syns. I ate the whole packet and then checked the syns. It was 35 syns!!
I had already maxed my syns that day, and I thought I was being really good!
Fortunately I still lost that week but I many not have. It taught me to check before eating!
I loathe and detest mayonnaise (or any of its substitutes). It is the invention of the devil!

The trouble is, this means that on the rare occasion I do need to buy a sandwich when I am out that it is next to impossible. When I was working there was a branch of Eat and a branch of Pret just down the road from our office. There was hardly anything there that didn't have mayonnaise in it. I used to try to talk to them about it, but it was like talking to the wall. The sushi in Pret is nice, though!
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How about this for 'unintentional sabotage' - I asked my husband to pick me up some zero fanta - he thought he had and I drank at least one very large glass until my son pointed out that it was the full sugar variety...aarrgghhh! I drank at least 8 syns worth..
The packaging is almost identical (apart from the absence of the zero word), but I was very unhappy with him indoors :)


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I wish you could get extra light brown sauce and pickle. I miss it soooooo much :(

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