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What a prize plonker.

Dont know what came over me last night but i had a glass of wine, then another, then opened (and in due course finished) family size doritos and went on to finish an entire bottle of wine.:party0036:
Fell asleep at 1am, didnt sleep well and woke at 6 feeling rubbish. Subsequently felt cr*p and I have had the munchies all day. Started with a bar for brekkie but had a deep filled cheese and ham sarnie with crisps for lunch and lasagne for tea.
Wanted to do well this week as wedding and then family lunch on at the weekend. What a waste of time and money so far this week. Wanted to lose half a stone for the outfit i'm wearing to wedding and was only 2lbs away which would be achievable. I'm so disappointed with myself. :sigh:
Someone give me a good old kick up the behind and a stern lecture!:whoopass:
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bad molly!! grit your teeth and get back into it!! you could still lose this week if you get straight back into it, get active to burn all that sugar, and drink plenty of water. keep your goal in mind!!

abz xx
Hey Abz, you're always here! I've switched the wii on to charge the remotes a bit then i'm gonna do some step and hula hooping. I'm really tired, i feel the bags under my eyes are about at my chin!


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mine too honey. i'm always here because i'm always at work!! ha. i'm working until 11pm tonight.

i'm also on here a lot to stop myself from eating :D

my eyes sting i'm so tired.

well done on getting the wii fit out!! enjoy your hulaing. it always knackers me that one!!

abz xx
I agree with Abz, go for it - you can still do 2 lbs. I'm just like you - get in sight of a goal and then sabotage it. I'm struggling today coz my 1 stone mark is only 2lbs away. :confused:

But, your goal is achievable, enjoy your wii session and put last night behind you. :)


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the self-sabotage thing is a nightmare. it's something i have done time and time again. i really really really want to get there this time. it makes you so frustrated that you've worked so hard towards something and then mucked about. but there's always a chance to pick yourself up. and you've done that :D

abz xx
I know, i really thought after a good week last week i had my head in the game. I just cant afford to play at this. I just once and for all want to get to my goal and be done with it all. There is a part of CD that has got a hold of me and i'm wary of letting it go which is why i havent really put on any weight (except hol 5lbs) since stopping, starting, stopping, starting, starting, starting......!


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i worked out how much each lost lb had cost me so far, taking into account how long i had been doing cd and how much i had lost. it worked out at around £15 per lb!! now i know it's all my food etc and i'm not spending any money on that. so it isn't as bad as it sounds. but if it continues to cost me that i'll be bankrupt by the time i'm thin!!

abz xx
Bit of a wake up call tho! Maybe i should do that. My hubby is totally fine with me doing this but he does make the off comment about getting on with it and he's absolutely right. We're quite skint just now and it is a lot of money.

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