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What a wally!


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You are only retaining water Jaxy...get back on today. Plenty of water, fat & greens & you will pee it away....we've all been there hun :D
Don't hold out much hope for tomorrow, out of ketosis and almost half a stone heavier than last Monday :( and it was all going so well
I didnt want to think there was but am going to have a good week of clean and green starting today and see what happens. I tend to drink a lot of diet coke, and have a lot of cream and cheese so there are def some stallers in there. Not that they have held be back before but things can change.
I am also struggling with the water, for the first couple of weeks I had an unbelivable thirst and was guzzling loads, I seem to have lost that and sometimes a glass of water is quite a sickenong thought. Have no idea what is causing this, I used to love water!
omg im the same ! i have once can a day and knock back 3 litres water i feel sooooo bloated i rekon i have way too much cheese

i am addicted too pork sratchings too now xx


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Keep trying with the water, it will make a difference. Have you tried coke zero? It has no citric acid in it & that sometimes stalls people.
Jessie, like ber say....I would have bacon, eggs & mushrooms cooked in coconut oil. Something like chicken salad with Paul Newman's Italian salad dressing (LC & lush) or mayo (Hellman's full fat) & dinner homemade burgers (beef, chicken or lamb) with blue cheese on, homemade mayo (Nigel Slater has an easy recipe on bbc.co.uk/food) wrapped in iceberg lettuce with asparagus (yes I know it's from Peru this time of year, but I love it, lol) & fine green beans, both finished off with butter. A few raspberries & double cream after.....oh & lots of water :D....I'm now hungry ;)
oooo cinta i will get the burgers going - quick question if i go in the butchers and ask for mince meat is this totally carb free ( so i can make my own burgers ) is it lean extra lean i ask for ??

do i just mould them into burger shapes and put them in the oven

shall i cook them in olive oil or coconut oil

i am just starting to cook properly and learning hehe

you mentioned marmite with cheese i looove marmite is this c free i have a brand new jar in the cupboard
how much cheese shall i mesure shall i cut it into cubes as a snack

i was going to go slow on the cheese as i think its stalling me

but every other day wont hurt will it ?



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Re the cheese...I buy the little marmite cheeses so I don't go mad. Marmite isn't totally carb free, but isn't bad. I still dip my finger in the pot all the time!

As Jim woul;d say....you need meat with fat in it, not the lean stuff (it's cheaper too) Just ask the butcher if he's added anything, I doubt he has.
I mix the mince with herbs, spices, an egg & sometimes grated cheddar or a lump of blue cheese in the centre of each burger. I like coconut oil, it's meant to be really good for you, but oil is fine :D

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