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What about after CD??


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I am far away from maintaining but I was curious as to how realistic it is to keep the weight off.

All of you that has done it before, have you gone on to a low gi, atkins or similar type plan?? And everyone doing CD for the first time, how are you planning on maintaining??

I would hate for me to lose all this weight, spent all this money and then put the weight straight back on.

I have never really been a white bread person, or pasta but occasionally have rice and I love my potatoes (boiled) and of course then there are other things such as crisps and chocolate etc, do I stay away from them forever and ever, and how realistic is it??

Dont get me wrong, I love this diet and it's great but need some advice in regards to the long term maintenance.

Appreciate any thoughts....

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when i get to goal, im not depriving myself of the stuff i enjoy. But im not piggy out like i used to. Like a kabab once a month rather then once a week. Also, im going to eat more healthy


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I'm going to try the 80:20 way. I'll be good for 80% of the time and be not so good 20% of the time. Obviously i'll need to rethink if this doesn't work.


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i'm planning on using weightwatcher methods of maintance... that way i'll know how much i'm allowed and it'll keep some form of discipline over my eating habits. I was thinking of being good on weekdays and having the weekend off, but i think i'd find it too hard to get back on track once Mondays came around, so i think ultimately ww methods is the best way for me. Everyone's different tho in the way they're going to appraoch it all i guess.
I think I'm with Yvonne on this one, sticking to WW maintenance points will be more my cup of tea, because I will be able to have what I want within certain limitations.

If I just go back to unplanned eating I will just put it back on and I really have decided that this is my last BIG diet ever :)

Hope I dont end up eating my words and everything in the takeaway LOL
Low Gi for me ... bread is my downfall more than chocolate.

Plus be good Mon-\Fri about 1500cals and then not think about it at weekends!

Stillgot 3stone to go before that though!


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Hi folks

I'm maintaining on low GI and there are things I just don't eat anymore like bread, choc bars, potatoes etc. However, I don't miss them as I've replaced them with oatcakes, cambridge bars and loadsa veggies. For me, it was important not to return to my old habits and my old trigger foods. Low GI works for me, but I'm sure you'll all find your own way..good luck!


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Bread is my problem too, so I just don't eat it very often, if at all. Its a case of most things in moderation. Get to know what the trigger foods are and avoid them as much as you can. I am a great believer in a "little of what you fancy does you good" as long as it is a LITTLE and not too often x x
I'm really not sure what I am going to do this time. I put it all +1 back last time. But, that was down to my very dodgy eating habits and an awful year, rather than it being natural to gain it all back just because you stop. But I'm not sure what I will do this time, I want it to be my last big diet too. I never want to be here again, I feel weary of it, such a long journey, especially when you already reached your destination then went back again:rolleyes: So...yes...will try and work out over the next few months of SSing, what on earth I can do to maintain, baring in mind my issues with food:(
Hi, I plan on low carbing but not as strict as atkins. Any carbs I do eat need to be in moderation and low GI. Hmmm suppose thats the gi diet then lol
I'm going to stick to the Weightwatchers maintenance programme, so I know how much I can have, still have the treats, and hopefully stay on the straight and narrow with no gains!
I think that when I get close to target, I am going to go and join ww, stick with the cambridge till I get to target though. That way I will get all the stuff from them on how to maintain etc.

I think i need the structure of knowing exactly what I can and can't eat or i will just end up back where I started.


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I did use a plan at the beginning (once I reached goal and had worked up the plans).

I found WLR (weightlossresources) fantastic and used all the time for about 6 months.

It was great for me and the only system I could find that really gave me the freedom to experiment with healthy eating, rather than low-fat or low carb etc....neither of which I wanted to do. (wanted to get the 30% fat from calories as per general health guidelines).

So I wanted something that not only counted my cals, but also gave me an indication of whether I was getting a healthy balance (protein, carbs, fat etc)...not for a diet, but for life.

Just until I knew what I was doing :D

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