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What are some filling cereals that are below 200 calories?


I love fruit and veg. ;)
S: 9st12lb C: 7st3.5lb Loss: 2st8.5lb(26.45%)
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There is no chance of rice crispies etc filling me up without a humongous bowl!

Oatso simple original porridge sachet made with 160ml semi skimmed milk is 183 calories, i mix about 50 cals of raisens in it too though.

Very very filling i promise, especiall if you get a good glug of water too :D
Oat so simple is on offer at Tesco. I know cos I've just been and bought 2 boxes. 2 for £3. There is a new flavour too, honey and almond. Looking forward to trying that in the morning.

I find that the porridge generaly fills me up pretty well, but if need be I snack on some raisins or a small banana. :)


I love fruit and veg. ;)
S: 9st12lb C: 7st3.5lb Loss: 2st8.5lb(26.45%)
Is porridge nice? I've never actually tried it, hated the look of it since I was young!
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I definitely agree with the oatso simple suggestions....fantastic stuff and apart from weetabix with a banana chopped in, it is the only cereal that fills me up and actually satiates me till lunchtime.

So so quick and easy to prepare and YES they are LOVELY xx
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special k fills me up till dinner :) x


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hi, i love just normal porridge made in the mirco, only 75p a huge bag, but you can also get oats so simply for a £1 a box from poundland:D
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tesco value muesli is about 177 cals or something? xxx
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Just my experience here okay - cereals make me hungrier, in the end I decided to have yoghurt at breakfast and a bowl of cereal at night (to *ahem* keep things regular) - also a toasted croissant with some low-fat cheese worked better for me despite the hype about white bread making you hungry yadda yadda.

But I wasted ages eating bran flakes (which I love) and feeling starved an hour later, so I'm passing that on fwiw. I feel kind of disgusted with myself for letting the opinions of so-called experts take higher priority than my own common sense and observation, I'm sure cereals work great as a filling breakfast for a lot of people but I'm just not one of 'em. :rolleyes:

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