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What are you all doing over Christmas?

well i made my decision a couple of weeks ago and i know some people dont agree but i will be having two shakes and a high protein christmas dinner and willpower will keep me away from the roast pots
pleanty of turkey and veggies. yummy

well its eid for me on Monday or Tuesday which usually means massive fry ups of samosas and pakoras and kebabs and you name it... infact this year I have made everything myself... BUT I AM NOT GOING TO EAT ANY OF IT!!!... eid will come every year over and over but this is my last chance to get rid of my fat arse before my wedding and I will be strong and I will not cheat!....

Fragglerock! - if i could just have a high protein thing and be content with it i honestly would have... i think you have a really good plan... i know other people who cut out the carbs completely and just had high protein and they didnt go out of ketosis so i think you should be ok!... im just gonna be really strict with myself because i seriously need my jaw locking!... if i get started on any of that food i wont stop!...

i hope you all have a good christmas anyway, it must be awful to not be able to sit with everyone and enjoy a meal because thats what its all about at the end of the day!...mmmmwah xx
cheers fbtb thats my intention and i will do my very best to stick to it
Happy Eid for next week the thouhgt of pakora and samosas just made me drool



One last chance
I am going to sleep! and watch my older sis, my mum and my dad eat xms dinner, me and my little sis will be the only ones on the table drinking the formula.
I am slightly different as I have had surgery but I am working till 4am on christmas morning and back in at work at 6pm so I wont need to have a dinner....its only one day after all...xx


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I'm doing a refeed starting Sunday the 14th, as it's our work Christmas "do" on Friday the 19th :smiley1842: and then it's Christmas. :xmastree:
I'm going to do what I did on holiday in September. That is, keep to low carb, low fat and small portions. I managed to actually LOSE a pound during a two week holiday and I was enjoying alcohol as well!
Then I'm back to TFR on the 2nd of Jan, until I get to target weight.
Good luck to everyone, whether you're going to eat, or stay on TFR. xxxx
I'm definately going to have some Christmas dinner for sure but not go overboard. I have a works meal out the week before too, so i'm considering re feeding for a couple of weeks over christmas and starting the TFR on the 2nd. I'm going to have a chat with the girl at the pharmacy about it i think.

I'm not going to go overboard though because i don't want to undo what i've achieved so far. :) x
Thanx fraggle ! and good luck to everyone whatever you decide to do!... I have just spent the entire day entertaining my nieces and nephews who have come to stay over for eid and made them the most delicious looking pizza in the world and i was drooling!.. lol... my other half sent me a gorgeous bunch of flowers today to tell me how much he loves me and how proud he is of me for being strong with LT and losing so much weight so far... that obviously made me cry loads. I havent seen him since october 27th and will be seeing him on 2nd Jan! arghhhhh im mad but I just want him to be amazed when he sees me and in the meantime i wont see him coz i wouldnt be able to stick to the diet!
I will be having xmas dinner, I am refeeding at the min but the w8 maintenance so I will still be refeeding till into the new year but I can drink and will be able to have full xmas dinner hopefully xx I personally think everyone on here has done really well and desrves to have one meal over xmas x
argh its eid today!!!! and everyone is eating and eating and everyone who comes to visit is eating and eating. and i feel sick from the smell of all that food! i just wanna crawl into a corner and sit in the blinking dark!... i have been good. had my shakes, not got tempted by the food... but i just dont feel as tho i am part of the family. its a big thing in my house, on eid day we always sit down together for our big feast but this year i sat upstairs coz i just couldnt sit there and listen to everyone telling me that "one day wont hurt" pfffft

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