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What are you doing for Christmas?

I will be have just finished week 11 on xmas day and plan to use that as my add a meal week, So i've started planning my xmas dinner already hehe.

I'm going to have a Lean Turkey Breast, Broccoli & Cauliflower and have it with some veg stock instead of gravy! :D

I'm curious what you are all doing for your xmas dinners and over that week?
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I have decided, to stop me going mental, that xmas will be the end of my exante journey, so xmas eve, xmas day and boxing day will be spent atkins style! then I plan to lose the rest of my weight with atkins. Thats if I'm not still on a plateau! xx


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we usually have christmas dinner on boxing day simply becasue the kids are usually all too pooped to eat dinner after all the exitement. I am planning on eating the turkey, ham and veg .... I can take or leave potatoes so I know that wont tempt me. Its all the other stuff that will make it a testing time.
Im the same as Starlight. Will be taking Christmas Day off and another couple of planned days off in December but wont be going over the score. Days off will probably purely be low carb meal and alcohol and Christmas will be just dinner, bottle of wine and a few sweets.

Thats the plan anyway, lol.
When I read "What are you doing for Christmas?" I thought you were inviting us all round Mrs P!

I'm planning to be as good as poss on Christmas Day, but my fantastically talented sister-in-law, who we always visit on Boxing Day, will no doubt be cooking her customary 14 courses of deliciousness (so I exaggerate the number of courses, but I'm not far off!), so I might just have to go for the "small bit of everything approach".

Well, that's the plan at the moment ..... :)
I'm taking at least 3 planned days off before Christmas as I work across a few offices and am going on 3 Christmas do's - however 2 of these are lunch/afternoon with no drink involved. For the 2 daytime ones my plan is to do without the carbs, just have the meat and veg. The thing is the people that I work with don't know I'm doing this diet and I'd rather it stayed that way really, today 2 of the girls said that they thought I'd lost weight and look slimmer and I just said that i was doing my best to be good :)

At home I'll probably have a carb free Christmas lunch though to be honest I think I'd be quite happy to do without the food, it's just the missing sitting and joining in with my family.


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Every christmas day that i spend all morning (and most of christmas eve too come to think of it) preparing and cooking food, puts me off wanting to eat it. More than several times i have put my christmas dinner in the freezer and had it a few days later when i could really enjoy it.

This christmas i wont be digging into roast potatoes, as i have discovered a much nicer alternative. Chunks of celeriac roasted (sprayed with 1 cal spray and tossed in curry powder or other spice) are a much more delicious, low calorie and low carb alternative, so with some turkey, a high meat content sausage and a bacon roll i will be well sorted :)

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