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What Are You Drinking Today.

1 decaf with cream.

1 litre of water.

250ml of flavoured water.

so far so good. Just got another 2 litres of plain old water to go.
A litre is near enough 2 pint's so start chugging girls. :)
3 O'clock here and it's 6 pints now.
2 litres and counting. plus 1 cup decaff black and 2 cups tetley redbush black (or red as the case may be). is redbush tea ok? it says on the box "being naturally caffeine free,tetley redbush is as hydrating as water and it counts towards the 8 glasses of fluid we all aim to drink everyday." may have a cup of the green stuff later too.
I think the redbush tea is fine.

Just on my 8th and last pint of the day here. I won't drink anything else this evening now or I'd be up all night. :)


Recovering chocoholic.
Oops, 2 mugs of decaf, black. Two pints water - er so far.. I'm off to the tap now..
This is a very good idea, keeps us on our toes - & the loo.
Well after searching like a mad woman, I managed to find a flavoured water that doesnt have citric acid:

Perfectly Clear Still - Strawberry and Kiwi:

Ingredients: Spring water, Malic Acid, Aspartame (OK not so great) and flavourings.

Carbohydrates: Nil

I've been out shopping so am 1 litre behind where I would normally be at this time of day so I'm about to catch up with a few glasses of this.
Thinking about it until ive established the cheese or citic acid problem for me. I will probably just have 1 small glass with dinner, rather than chug it like plain old water. It will feel more like a treat then. :D

3 cups of decaf coffee
2 bottles of water
two small pub size bottles of white wine
I pint of soda water
I small glass of red wine

great thread Jim, please kick my ass if I stop posting to it!


is going to loose!
Thanks Jim for getting this up!

Just woken up and about to get ready for work plan to guzzle 500 ml before I leave and drink 3, throughout the day.

Good Morning

8 AM: 2 cups of black tea at breakfast. 1 mug of green tea beside me and 1 half pint glass of water.

The guzzling day begins. :D
Yesterday I drank 150cl water, 3 cups of coffee, two large white wine in the pub, one small glass of red at home. Not bad for me!

11:30 and I have now had 2 Mugs of Green tea and I'm on my 3rd pint of water.

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
1 large mug of Yorkshire tea with full fat milk with breakfast.

So far half way through 2nd 500ml bottle of water, a bit behind because I had to go to the docs on the way in to work. I usually have 4-5 500ml bottles while at work, and then about 2 decaf coffees with cream in the evening plus a few gulps of water here and there.


Recovering chocoholic.
Three pints so far, black coffee & water..

Hey Jim, you look great, a good advertisement for Atkins..
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