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What are you looking forward to wearing...

Ok Girls and Boys,

What's your dream outfit, that collection of beautiful clothing you're really looking forward to wearing once you're at goal.

I'll start - I spied this little beauty on ebay:

I don't care if it's not on trend, I love it. I've never been so tiny nor worn anything like it - bring it on!

I must admit it seems a little out of reach at the mo but give it a couple of months...
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There's nothing in particualr that I can think of. Would take me forever to go through all of my clothes that don't fit me :p lol
But i do have a lot of things I bought in Japan that don't fit me and things I've bought cause I really liked when I was losing weight previously and said to myself I'll be wearing that soon, was a few years ago now. Opps.
I've an ample bossom, I would like to be able to wear the tops that come in uder the bust and go straight down, without looking like I'm pregnant, but maybe thats just too much to ask, hehe.
I'm really looking forward to wearing my frock!!

You'll need to picture it in ivory with a bit of bling added on the front with a tie up back!



Tough But Sexy X
Such beautiful dresses....

I am really looking forward to not buying stretchy anything, but my must have is a little black number similar to yours Kirstie with black flower detail on the shoulder in satin (I know very unforgiving, but when I am slim I wont need to worry about that lol)

I am also looking forward to going into a shoe shop and buying knee high boots with a zip that I can actually get round my legs xx

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Oooh, some beautiful stuff you girls are gonna be wearing!! Wow! :)

Personally, it's being able to wear some skinny jeans, tucked into knee high boots for me! Love that look, and have never been able to wear it!

Oh... and also, I bought the dress below in a size 10/12, when I first started LLT... in anticipation of my impending weight loss! I can now get it on, but it's way too fitted (especially around my arms, and middle) to be able to wear out quite yet!...

But it's hanging in my wardrobe, and is a great incentive! :D

Pinks that is absolutely gorgeous!! Will look great with those knee highs!

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Aww, thanks gingette! It's a really good shape for my body type too... allows for my rather ample bust (34DD!) ;) ...but then is fitted at the waist where I kinda go in... whilst the a-line shape of the skirt skims over my, erm, rather large thighs! :D

(That's the idea anyway!) Lol...

It's from Bon Prix... they have some fab little dresses...



is Magdalicious
It's gotta be a wedding dress for me I think ;)
Not sure about design. Haven't got that far ;)

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I just want to wear something I want to wear because I like it rather than because it fits!!!
Love it!! And colour I want colour!


One last chance
I can't wait to wear this dress in the clubs, my boyfriend bought it for me for my birthday, all I gotta do now is lose the weight :) can't wait!

Ladies some fab choices we will all look gorgeous and dead sexy!

I defo relate to wanting to emerge from black into something really colourful, I only have about 4 outfits that I can get into I refuse to buy any more clothes that will be far too big in a couple of weeks.

Kirstie x
mne is a pink monsoon shift dress that my oh bought me for xmas 2009... on completion of llt first time... i can get it on and zipped but its very tight over the hips. it is a size 8 though and thats my incentive. xx


Ready For Change!
I have two.... (not that ive given it much thought! ;))

firstly some slim fit SKINNY (;)) jeans with a white vest and sexy heals! Understated sexy!

Secondly a ladies staple of a little black dress never owned one! One simular to Yasmine's, a backless number I think!

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
...firstly some slim fit SKINNY (;)) jeans with a white vest and sexy heals! Understated sexy!
Oooh, yes! Spot there actually Lozz... funny, it's the simple things huh? Like skinny jeans (which show the shape of your arse!) and a t-shirt (where you arms are out!)... ;)

Can't wait! Bring on the summer!! :D


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