What are you most looking forward to once you reach your goals?

Discussion in 'General Weight Loss Discussion' started by kittyd7015, 4 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. kittyd7015

    kittyd7015 Member

    holiday? experience? feeling great?
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  3. elm

    elm Silver Member

    To be happy with how I feel and look.
  4. Dohnuts

    Dohnuts Full Member

    to wear all the clothes i've always wished i could wear on holidays like mini shorts, bralets, crop tops, bodycon dresses and i'm gona treat myself to a gorgeous Victoria's Secret bikini when i reach my goal :D this is my summer and i literally can't wait!
  5. Want2BeSlim

    Want2BeSlim Gold Member

    What I'm most looking forward to is feeling confident IN my clothes :D because when I am overweight I hate the way I look in every thing I wear.

    I also look forward to...

    Being able to walk places without getting out of breath

    Feeling confident enough to wear mid to long dresses in the summer so I can feel feminine again

    Going into shops and being able to buy my size in pretty much everything they sell

    My underwired bras not digging into the roll of fat that bunches up just below my boobs when I'm sitting down (ouch)

    Going out to eat and not feeling that everyone who looks at me is thinking that I'm a pig

    Sitting in my car and having a gap between the bottom of my steering wheel and my belly
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  6. Ell87

    Ell87 New Member

    Definitely wearing nice clothes and not baggy tops to hide my belly. We are going to Spain in August and I'd love to feel comfortable in my own skin, not feel mortified everytime I catch a glimpse of myself. I want to have the energy to keep up with my kids and feel attractive and confident for my husband (Who is amazing and tells me I'm perfect all the time, but I feel far from it, I want to be able to take that compliment haha).
  7. kittyd7015

    kittyd7015 Member

    for me its definitly being able to ride my horses again :)
  8. Birthday Dress

    Birthday Dress 6 Months To Go

    Fitting into nice clothes, not being ashamed of my body in the bedroom, having more confidence. :)
  9. Itoy & Suerti

    Itoy & Suerti Life is what you make it

    Great thread!

    Being happy
    Not sweating all the time
    Wear nice clothing - go in any shop and know that item will fit
    Have self confidence
    Feel better in the bedroom
    Able to have a baby
    Be happier
    Not think everyone is looking at the fatty walking down the street
    Smile more and mean it

    Oh and so so so much more.
  10. kittyd7015

    kittyd7015 Member

  11. VicLouGray

    VicLouGray Full Member

    Buying a fantastic little black dress :D Love shopping and want to be able to wear whatever I want.
  12. Thrashscara

    Thrashscara Member

    I'm looking forward to a whole new wardrobe! Haha :)
  13. missRV

    missRV Full Member

    I stupidly didn't see this and posted one identical last night :(

    Here's mine:
    My legs not rubbing together when I walk
    :) this is especially bad on holiday and can get very painful :(
    Being able to go into any clothes shop and not feel like the shop assistants are looking at me as if to say "yeah right as if OUR clothes would fit you!"
    Not being 'the fat one' when I go out with friends.
  14. skinnybodyc

    skinnybodyc Full Member

    Im most looking forward to being able to buy clothes that i know will fit,Not feeling like the fat friend when i go out and just being healthy and looking good .:)
  15. Periwinkle

    Periwinkle Keep going!

    *Being able to enjoy clothes again - because I'm sorry but I despise all the clothing ranges specific for my size (18).
    *Be able to buy jackets and coats again - I feel huge in them at the moment and I just look like a lump
    *To feel attractive again - my bf is great and never makes me feel self conscious but I still do :( Won't lie, defo affecting the auld romance.
    *To be able to enjoy nights out more (feel too self conscious atm)
    *To not be embarrassed when I run into people I haven't seen in a while :(
    *I feel the boost in confidence and the improvement my appearance will help at work (beauty therapy and makeup artist)
    *Not being typecast as much when being cast for plays
    *Not having my whole family comment on my weight and eating habits :cry:
    *Being able to buy sexier underwear!
    *I'm gonna get a boudoir photoshoot done after I lose the weight!
    *Going to a music festival in the summer :)
    *No more double chin! No more rolls of back fat! No more HUGE BELLY!
    *I promised myself if I lose the weight and maintain for 1 year I will get a breast reduction :) (even when I was slim I still had too much)
    *Generally just a big fu to all those cruel people who commented on my weight in the last 4 years :)
  16. becimarie

    becimarie Full Member

    To not be the "fat" teacher at school.
    And to wear a bikini and know I don't look like I just washed up on the shore...
  17. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    to be able to go in any shop and buy off the anger also just to be fit and healthy
  18. Sugarloaf85

    Sugarloaf85 Full Member

    To pick up clothes off the hanger and know they would fit.

    To go into skinny shops for clothes not shoes/bags, actual clothes to wear! (Karen millen etc).

    To have super skinny high heels to go out in.

    To not have legs rub together on holiday!!!

    Wear bikinis and actual look nice.

    To not feel fat on nights out.

    For my nurses uniform and dresses to be slim and flattering.

    To take up dancing again.

    Confident in the bedroom department.

    To not cringe when my friends upload facebook photos.


    Currently 14st 8lbs. 3lbs until I'm 1/2 way there! Woop!
  19. Syrinx

    Syrinx Member

    For my weight never to be a concern to me in doing anything....nights out, shopping...for it never to be a factor :)

    For my heart not to lunge in my chest when I see I've been tagged in a photo on facebook!

    And also to accept a compliment from someone without thinking they're just saying it to "be nice".
  20. Abyss

    Abyss Schwing !

    Wearing the clothes I want !!
    Shopping in the shops I want to !!
    Picking out the same size without the fear of it not fitting !!
    Feeling confident and attractive !!
    The compliments :D
  21. *steph*

    *steph* Full Member

    To be able to wear anything and not worry about the lumps and bumps, to turn around to everyone who ever picked on me or doubted me and be all smug, to work out at the gym and feel great as opposed to feeling wobbly, going on holiday and wearing a nice little bikini, my boyfriend being proud of me, being a winner for once and not a quitter.

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