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What are your 3 favourite films?


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Anne of the Thousand days. Because I'm obsessed with Tudor history and the costumes were brilliant

Galaxy Quest. because it's funny , I love science fiction and Alan Rickmans in it!

Love actually. I watch this with a large G&T every Xmas eve. It just makes me smile, and Alan Rickman's in it! (no repetition there then!)

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
1. Pretty Woman - love, love, love it!
2. Mary Poppins - this reminds me of being a little girl and snuggling up on the sofa, with my little brother at the other end on a rainy Saturday afternoon with the quilt thrown over us. I still love it now!
3. Love Actually! - Because I'm an old softie and I just love it! The scenes at Heathrow at the start always get me going and so does Hugh Grant's speech as PM saying what a small but great country we are!

I have a fair few favs but these are prob top 3! xxx


Gold Member
Love Actually for me too. I cry from beginning to the end every time I watch it. It is so funny yet so sad.

City of Angels. The music is wonderful and also love the story.

Beaches. Again music and story do it for me.

As you can see I am a big softie.

Irene xx
Rocky Horror
Beauty and the beast or little mermaid I couldnt choose between the two!


synful soul
Pretty Woman for me as well.
All time fav' is The Bues Brothers..never fails to have me tapping my feet and laughing too.
and I loved, Oklahoma and can still watch it now..............


Yummy Mummy! xx
Stand By Me (1984) LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!

Dirty Dancing (still waiting for the day I can be lifted in the air like jeniffer lol!!!!!!)

The Goonies - CHUNK!!!!!!!!! :8855:

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Stand By Me (1984) LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!

Dirty Dancing (still waiting for the day I can be lifted in the air like jeniffer lol!!!!!!)

The Goonies - CHUNK!!!!!!!!! :8855:

Oooo great choices! They would all be in my top 10! xxx
Love Actually...loved Hugh Grant dancing in it, sooooooo funny and sexy:8855:

Bridget Jones...similiar diary:8855: fags smoked, pounds lost and gained

Pretty in Pink....also great dancing scene in it and spent most of my teenage years in :)love with Andrew McCarthey.

General anything with Hugh Grant and Colin Firth in:)

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
General anything with Hugh Grant and Colin Firth in:)
Me too hun!!! xx


Silver Member
1, Twilight - sorry but i'm crazy on it
2, 2 fast 2 furious - mad on car films 8 years with ben i blame
3, Dirty dancing - just a good classic


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Hugh Grant dancing to "jump" just has to be the best ever!
I hate you Judimac!!!!!!! Let me explain...... ;)

I read the title and thought 'That's an easy one'...... Then me and the OH got talking......

At first, my list was;

The Sting. A great crime caper film that was beautifully made.
Hudson Hawk. Even with mixed reviews from other people - I love it pmsl every single time....
The Inside Man. The perfect crime story. I wish I'd written it, I would have been sooo proud.

Then... the OH said 'Well Star Wars obviously' Doh!! How could I have forgotten that one!!! Then I read some other lists, 'Of course!! Dirty Dancing!!!' Ooooh! And Love Actually...(I've still got it on the PVR)...And Keeping Mum (Patrick Swayze and his 'Lurve pouch'!!)....

Then of course I started thinking about all the great Indian 'Bollywood' films that I love watching.... Devdas (the ending makes me sob like a baby EVERY SINGLE TIME!!).... and then thinking about subtitles made me remember the great Korean and Chinese films......

Then OH piped up with 'Well of course there are ALL of the James Bond films to choose from...!!!'... At this point I just sent him out of the room....!!!

And now, he just put his head round the door and said just one word.... Matrix...

Now I've just got so many great films flying around in my head, I'm just so frustrated that I can't even make a definitive top twenty, let alone a top three..... That coupled with an annoying OH who keeps popping in with yet ANOTHER great film title that I'd forgotten!!!!

I HATE YOU JUDIMAC !!!!!!!!!!!! :p
Grease has to be my all time favourite i love the music, dancing everything.
Beauty and the beast the Disney version i know every word to it got it for xmas as a kid brings back happy memories.
Bridget Jones reminds me of me hopeless with men diets and gets most things wrong lol.
Its a wonderful life(very old b/w with Jimmy Stewart)
Schindlers List(sob)
Old fools and horese Christmas Special where they dress as Batman and Robin and run out of the mist.(know its not a afilm but I cry laughing just thinking of it)

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