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What Are Your Fave Ready Meals?

Just wanted to get some ideas of what people's fave ready meals are. I tend to always cook things from scratch apart from when I have my weekly Batchelor's pasta & sauce!

Would love to know some free or low syn ready meals (red or green) that are nice so I can keep them in the freezer for emergencies.
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Nojo on the YoYo
I love the Aldi lamb shanks with tomato and red wine, I make them with carrot and swede mash with a side of mushrooms.

I also love Quorn cottage pie, it's really low syns on either plan, if you check on the SW website I think the chilled family pack is something silly like 5 syns for the whole thing on green, slightly more on red due to mash.

The Asda Extra Special range is good, the regaular 2 for £6 range is good too, with the roast chicken crown and the roast beef.

Some of the Iceland frozen chicken breasts range is free, the ones in tomato based sauces mainly, they are ok for a quick fix.

And finally, tins of Marksies lean stewing steak are really lovely with smash mash for an EE treat! :D

Hope that is useful my lovely! xx
I very very rarely have ready meals unless you count the pasta in sauce and savoury rice but one I do like is Birds Eye Pasta Arrabiata which is free on green/EE and Tesco liver and bacon in onion gravy which (i think) is a couple of syns.
TBH though, I always feel really guilty when I eat these as it takes as long to cook pasta and stir in some tomatoes and chilli as it does to ping the ready meal!! (doesn't stop me though!)

I find the best ready meals are left overs chucked in the freezer!


Extra Easy Apparently...!
I very rarely eat ready meals either (except from using pasta and sauce or savoury rice to make quiche) but today this thread could be my saviour. I forgot to bring in my lunch and all I have is my drawer is Ainsley Harriott cous cous which isn't igniting my taste buds. Going to Tesco at my lunch break and doing an Extra Easy day so any suggestions welcome!!
Babybloo - apparently the Bird's Eye Simply salmon in a herb butter (frozen) is free. What about an EE day and having that with your couscous?


Nojo on the YoYo
Ah when I forget my lunch I don't go for the microwave i go for the ready cooked chicken peices and a tub of cottage cheese with pineapple chunks. - Cooked chicken and cous cous = brilliant!

Though i do think tesco have a Cathedral City Lighter (grated) offer on at the moment, maybe if you have a really good kitchen you could get some bread and make cheese on toast?


Extra Easy Apparently...!
Thanks peeps! We do have a good kitchen- micro. george foreman, oven, grill so I shouldn't be stuck for choice.

Also, thanks Vixx for the Catherdral City update. I ran out of this last week so bought the Aldi red.fat cheese and it reminds me of stinky feet!


Nojo on the YoYo
No probs. Argh though now I want Tesco's lemon and coriander cous cous with a packet of chicken pieces mixed in, some rocket salad with chopped up pink lady apple and a side of cottage cheese with pineapple. With grated cheese on top.

Damn yoooooooo! :p


Extra Easy Apparently...!
I ended up buying a packet of Roast beef cold meat, a packet of cooked ham, laughing cow extra light triangles and rocket and am making little cold meat wraps with them.


Nojo on the YoYo
Oooh nice. I had poached white fish and mushy peas with veg from the canteen. I also got a pot of salad bar with 3 hard boiled eggs for later and my boss donated me an apple cos she bought a Snickers (humph)
To be really quick I have a tin of Tesco chilli beans mixed into half a tin of ratatouille (1syn) wiht half a pack of microwave brown rice topped with grated Cathedral City lighter.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I don't do ready meals either, tho I tend to use marrowfat peas as protein in couscous, (I could eat them straight from the tin!) The only other thing I use is Aldis tuna steaks (frozen) the ginger and sesame , free on EE and red are lush! I have a pack of the lemon and coriander ones in the freezer too.

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