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What are your reasons for losing weight?


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My 5 year old son told me he didn't want to have a fat mummy and didn't want me to die!! :cry::cry:

I was in denial and didn't like the way I looked. I would take control of the camera and as long as I was snapping away, I wouldn't be in the pictures. If someone insisted I was to be in the photo, the minute I got the camera back, I would delete it. I know I was in denial, I thought if I don't see myself then I don't need to worry. I didn't look at myself in full length mirrors because I didn't like what was staring back at me.
My son is my motivation. I have now lost 2 st 8 pounds and I'm half way there. He called me 'a normal mummy' the other day!!

He has done me a favour, as I have been carrying excess weight for years. He has turned my life around and I'm halfway there to my journey to slimville :character00255:
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2st 8 lbs! Thats amazing, well done!

Mine are my kids as well. Being overweight is stopping me from doing all that i want to do with them,i avoid going places because i feel rubbish about myself and thats just not on. And i want to be as healthy as i can be and be around for them for as long i can also :)

I am the same with photo's. I take pictures all the time, but haven't been in a picture with any of my children for almost 2 years :(
Ahhh bless him :)

well done great loss xxx

Mines as I had bad depression and put 3 stone on top of the 4 I had to lose, I'm now down 50lbs love healthy foods and addicted to zumba, also I wanted to be the real me you know not that person stuck in a fat shell longing to be out.

Well done guys we can win :) xx
For the pure fact ive had 10 years of NEVER being happy with my size and realising i didnt want to hit 30 and still feel the same.

I want to be able to wear what i want, and not choose to flatter.

And for the fact i got asked "whens it due" :eek:

I have well and truely seen the weight watchers light :party0049: I am loving this diet, dont even feel like im on one!

Going it alone but lost 6lbs so far.

x x x
great reasons ladies and great losses too!!

for me it is all about 'me'. i want to feel better, look nicer and be fitter! my goal weight is a long way off but i know i will get there!! then there will be trouble!!! :)

Because im fat! ..
And I hate it, I dont feel nice in any outfits! ...

I look at myself and think EWW ...

I never used to .. so i want to be back to being happy with myself


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I think for me it has stopped being about how I look (although that still matters to me) and has started being about how I feel.

Fed up with being so big, annoyed that i worry about being too heavy for garden chairs. Sick of agonising about flying because of the seatbelt. Generally had enough of feeling so ungainly. Really hate walking into a restaurant and wondering if I will fit behind the table comfortably. Every day stuff that should be easy that isn't; like doing up my shoes, painting my toenails, walking a long distance or being on my feet for too long.

To name but a few!


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Basically I want to lose this weight as I want my life back. It has been stopping me doing all the things I should be doing, having a social life!! I don't go out much at all as I am never comfortable in the way I look so it was time to change.

I feel awful, I look awful and I want to look great and feel healthy and energized!!
I have no self confidence, I wanna be a smaller dress size, I want to concive and may need IVF so need to be in a healthy weight range, I want to feel fitter in myself.

Start weight:20.4
Week 1 : 5.5LB
Week 2: 1.5LB
Week 3: 3.5LB
Week 4: 3.5LB Lost a Stone :D
Week 5: 5LB
Week 6: 2.5LB
Week 7: 1 LB
Week 8: 2.5LB
Week 9: 1.5LB
I don't have much confidence in social situations and when I was bigger I'd have running through my head "they're looking at you thinking how fat you are"... I had this thought the other day and realised "no they're not cause you aren't fat anymore" it was a great feeling xx

sweetie darling

Eye on the prize...
Congratulations ladies, sounds like you've all done really well on your journey so far.

My reason for loosing weight? I want my life back & I want to feel happy again. I know I've done it before & I know how fantastic I felt (oh yeah & how skint I wa cos I could buy so many lovely clothes lol!) & I want that feeling back. I vowed last year I wouldn't have *another* fat & single birthday, but with a month to go, sadly I think for this year it wil be.... but trying to look past that & will ignore birthday instead!!

Also it's not so nice when people think they have the right to shout insults at you in the street. Honestly, the times I've heard ''wide load'' or ''fattie'' shouted at me, I wish I'd turned round & shouted back ''ignorant moron''... but of course that would've been drawing even further attention to myself & the idiots obviously weren't brave enough to come up to me & shout these things but usually from the cowerdly safely of a moving car.


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I don't have much confidence in social situations

I'd have running through my head "they're looking at you thinking how fat you are"
I could of written this myself!

My other reasoning is just to be a healthy mum, I want to spend every waking minute I have left on this planet worshipping the ground my kids walk on - LOL, I know this is considerably a longer period of time if I was fit and healthy rather than fat and unfit! :D


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All great reasons. It's really helpful to read what other people feel and to realise that so many of us have exactly the same thoughts.
weve all said confidence!! its so nice to know im not alone!! i hate there way ppl stand and stear at you like there disgusted at what you look like!! i blame media for alot of it! as much as i say i dont wanna be the same as everyone is i just wanna feel accepted in socitity and feel at the weight i am im not, im not accepted! :(
Lots of reasons, but highest on the list is that nothing feels as good as getting into size 12 jeans.
After that - high blood pressure, wanting not to feel embarrassed on a plane when I have to adjust the belt to the widest fitting, being able to do a short walk without puffing and panting. Like others a biggy was total lack of confidence about going out, not sure whether people were even thinking half what was in my head but it was real to me.
I could of written this myself!

My other reasoning is just to be a healthy mum, I want to spend every waking minute I have left on this planet worshipping the ground my kids walk on - LOL, I know this is considerably a longer period of time if I was fit and healthy rather than fat and unfit! :D
Glad I'm not alone, you're doing great and I'm sure your kids worship the ground you walk on too!! :D
i lost 4 and 1/2 stone last year on lighterlife and binned all my old clothes. my clothes are getting ridiculously tight so as im not buying any larger clothes i must lose weight or start going out in my underwear.......... its far toooooo cold for that!! lol xx
My initial motivation was my health. I've had non stop lower back problems for the last 2 years and have had some minor operations along the way which meant being knocked out. I couldn't bear the idea of them lifting my unconscious body onto the trolley and saying 'look here, we've got another one'. I want to be a statistic for the right reason and I always believe that you have to try to help yourself if you expect to get help from anywhere else i.e. the health professionals in my case.

I also didn't want to be the fatest mum in the playground. I'm a bit of a blender and don't like to stick out. I have also read some terribly negative comments about overweight people on other forums and it made me think that was how people viewed people like me.
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i want to be a good example to my kids more than anything. my 5 yr old says things to me like, 'mum i think there another baby in there', and 'mum hide your belly its hanging out' lol

and im just fed up feel so inadequate when walking down the street and not feeling good in the clothes that i like. i was a 10/12 till i had my first daughter 5yrs ago now im a 14/16 and im just not me anymore :-(

getting there though

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