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Total Solution What can I use as a substitute?...help!

After loads of research (and encouragment from all the wonderful success stories on MiniMins) I have decided to start on Exante. I have a week of work booked next week and had planned to wean off carbs over the next few days and start total solutions next week at home keeping myself busy without having to worry about feeling a bit feeble at work!!......then disaster struck....my beloved Moggy Minor Doris failed her MOT and have just had to shell out alot of money...including my Exante fund....won't be able to buy my bumper pack untill pay day....a week too late for my week off!! I am determind to start, got my head around it and not sure I can cope with work whilst feeling grotty, need to be realistic. I was considering substituting with Tesco Ultra shakes for the first week just so I can get started during my holiday......would that work.......if any experienced Exante users could advise I'd be so greatful...I really want this to work.
Many Thanks
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as starlight says you cant use the tesco shakes as a total food replacement like exante , but if I was you I would use the tesco shakes as they are meant to be used ... have 2/3 a day and a meal , keep it low carb and you may well be on the way to ketosis when you do start exante :)


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You could buy the lloyds chemist one I think it's called lipotrim or optislim I'm getting confused lol

It's a trf and 'governed' by the pharmacist it's more pricey than exante but you'd only need a weeks worth

Doubt I should say this but personally I'd buy some packs from eBay people are always selling odd left over packs!
Thank you for your advice, it's much appreciated, I think I might check out the chemist to see how expensive lipotrim would be for the week.....if it's too much I'll resign myself to a proper weeks preperation, maybe tesco ultra slim for two meals and a carb free low cal meal in the evening....will this mean I won't feel quite so grotty when I start Exante....I'm just worried about failing to stick it out at work.....work is quite demanding!! I understand that once I'm in ketosis I will start to feel better.....can you get into ketosis just by eating low carb....I won't stick to it long term because of my food demons...comfort eater....Hoping Exante will allow me to have a break from food and let me focus on fueling my body rather than comforting it with food!!...sorry so many questions but just want to do this right....really want this to work this time!
Clare xxx


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S: 19st7lb C: 15st10lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 34.5 Loss: 3st11lb(19.41%)
Ah silly me I was meaning a weeks lt rather than bumper pack exante didn't even think of a weeks worth of exante :)


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I did the Tony Ferguson diet from boots before exante, u can buy as many or as few packs as you want from your local boots, its not totally the same as Exante as you have 2 packs a day and then a very low carb meal from a list of meals they suggest. Maybe that would be worth a try, its still very low cal diet

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