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What can we eat on LLL

A few weeks ago my LLC suggested I start on LLL as I am struggling to remain completely abstenant.

My 'bad' time is at night so she suggested I eat 3 packs then a meal.

At the time, I didnt want to, and dismissed it. However, I was wondering if there was a food list, or what sort of foods we are allowed to eat on LLL?
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You are allowed one type of protein, eg 200g of chicken or tune etc, a selection of vegetables, a small amount of skimmed milk or low fat cheese. I started lite on Sunday as 7 weeks on the packs was enough for me, and i'm really enjoying it. As long as you stick to it you will lose and can lose the same as somebody on the main programme, if you drink enough water. That's what my llc told me anyways x


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And the protein portion weight is for raw values. :) It's up to 200g of poultry and non-oily fish (such as tuna/prawns), 200g quorn/quark, 150g red meat and oily fish (such as salmon/mackarel).
You can have a cereal bowl of cooked veggies such as cauliflowers, broccoli, carrots, onions, green bell peppers, cabbage, turnip - and salad, including tomatoes (I think?), cucumber, lettuce, radishes ... Probably the volume of stuff like lettuce/cucumbers/tomatoes I wouldn't worry about as they are only about 15-20 calories per 100g. Vegetables are a bit higher - and are about 35-50 calories per 100g (raw).
As long as you don't exceed about 800-850 calories per day (including foodpacks/milk etc) you're absolutely fine. :)

And don't feel bad...ever. After a very long time on abstinence - the body DOES NEED to have actual food! Powder sustenance can only go so far - no matter how "complete" they claim to be - they aren't enough!

Have fun - and ask your LLC for a booklet! :D


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Thanks girls - I'm still trying to decided wether to go for it or not!!!
go for it i started it nearly 3 weeks ago you get a book with all different foods you are allowed to eat i love the diet really enjoying trying new foods which you would never think you would be able to eat on a diet :) up to now i have lost a stone xx


...we're sinking deeper.
Melarnz - for your own peace of mind - I think you should stick the abstinence until goal. It's a mental boundary which you mustn't break at the moment; yes it's tempting to go for an 'easier' option of another programme which allows food... but in my experience - it's too much to process jumping from one plan to another. A long period of abstinence with such a major introduction of food can be very damaging.
Plus it's not just that... Lite is said to be 'easy'... It's actually HARDER than the mainstream diet because you need to learn your boundaries very early on - it's so much easier to 'fall off the wagon'. I was successful because I had finished abstinence (albeit early), done FULL 12 week RTM and had about 2 months to assess my situation... People who I have seen jump from abstinence straight onto Lite ... well. I find that many of them struggle.

Good luck dearie, have a good think about it all. Food won't run away from you, and yes it's tempting right now... But I'd say - why change something that is clearly working *now*?

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