What day did you guys start on?


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I'm just wondering what day did u guys start on?
I would like to think Monday would be a good day coz it is the start of the week and all but then i think the first 3 days is hard so i wouldn't want to be at work for that.

I like to start on Friday so the first 3 days would be easy..but i'm just wondering what day everyone is starting on.
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I started on a wednesday and see CDC on tues... I think it'll keep me on track during the weekend .... generally more social events and not so busy = harder!


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I started on fri13th june, I had the fresh start excitment to get me through the 1st weekend and then every friday the wi results to spur me on through the following weekend.xx


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Wednesday 30th of july. We'd gotten back from vacation a few days earlier and the CDC that was near to my house was going on vacation the 1st.. of august I think.. Wednesday was, for me, a good day to start.


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I started on a Thursday this time, and it went well. First and second day is never too bad for me and work kept my mind off food. Then on 3rd day when I'm really grumpy at was at home with nothing to do, but luckily I had relatives to visit and some non-food shopping to do so I made it through without any blips.

Really depends on what kinda person you are, to decide which day to start on.
I prefer to have my mind taken off it, but get really grumpy when I'm hungry so am better not being in work for that horrid 3-4 days in period...I need to keep my job!!!
If weekends are hardest where you get most bored and want to eat, don't start at a weekend, you'll drive yourself mad. However if you are active and have stuff to do (which are non-foody!) start on a Thurs or a Fri, you'll prob find that easier.

Good luck whatever day you decide to start!!! x


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Wednesday, but I cleared my work so I had an easy three days before the weekend.


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Thursday 4th September.
A week after i got back off my hols / final binge LOL.


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I started on Mon 3rd November. In my opinion, the day dont matter, its all about the will power!!