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What day should this be?

Hi all,

I normally stick with red and it has worked well for me so far.

So far I have not attempted Extra Easy but am going to give it a go, thinking about my dinner today I am not sure if it will count as an extra easy.

Breakfast was bacon and egg cooked in frylight with 2 x WW wholemeal bread (HexB) - Is this still ok for EE?

Dinner is going to be homemade burgers, jacket potato and salad. On a red day I would have syned the jacket, but all togehter can it count as EE?


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It's not really an EE day because you haven't had the required one third superfree foods at each meal. You could have had some mushrooms and tomatoes with your breakfast.

What about your lunch?

For dinner the jacket spud and burger would be free (assuming the burger is made with free foods). Salad would be superfree but would need to make up one third of your plate.
Thanks for that. Breakfast was at 11.30am so lunch and dinner are becoming 1, eating it in a minute and will have something else later tonight.

I was going to have mushrooms with breakfast but was in a rush to get out and no time to cook them. I dont like tomato, but al going to try some this week, you never know I may have required a new found like for them.

Lots of salad with my dinner tonight. I'll just stick to red and syn the jacket.



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You could have fruit following your bacon and egg, this would help with your 3rd


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i find another way to make up my 1/3 superfree on EE is to have fruit with/after my meal, especially breakfast its easier for me than cooking veg cos you can eat it on the go if you have to :) hope that helps xx
Thanks everyone.

I didn't realize that you can have fruit etc after and then that would have made it EE.

This is why I haven't tried it yet, far too confusing for me LOL!


Here we go again ..
i always add some tinned toms and mushrooms to my bacon and scrambled egg to make my 3rd

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