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what did ur o/h's think?


nearly there!! :)
mine doesnt agree with the vlcd and wasnt keen on me starting but i asked him to give me 100% support for the first week then he can stop if he wants!!also he wasnt happy cause its 95 in ire but its like i said i dont ask him for a penny of it ha!
For me it was my choice, my money and my decision.

Most people supported me (including Jo) but I was living my life for me and then everyone else got to see me live for a few more years.

And you most certainly aren't sad by being healthier!

Hi Slimbride2be,
Money is an issue for us too but if it's SS it really isn't very different to what one might spend in a week on food and drink, especially when a bottle of wine, takeaways and treats are included, that's how I explained it to my OH. He's still not happy BTW lol Oh well :)
My OH is very supportive and wants to see me healthier, live longer and look and feel better. I have issues with self esteem and I know that he wants me to work through these to become someone who is confident in all aspects of her life. We'll see how he gets on when I feel rough later on in the week (I start this week).

It's also important to remember that you won't be spending any money on food or drink apart from the £66. I think I'll be saving money as we would go out to eat 2 or 3 times a week and drink a bottle of wine a night. Maybe you could work out how much you're spending now which might help.


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I think the problem is ive been doing slimming world since april and loose a pound here and put on a pund never really been a big loss which is prob my fault as im a devil for naughty things!
I just know lighter life can work if you stick to it as i have seen a friend have great results but money is tight im a student and he pays for most things like rent and stuff and i think he just cant understand how i can waste that money.....but i think im just gonna go for it,when he sees the weight coming off he cant complain then!
If it dosnt come off i guess ill just have to be fat forever i seemed to have tried every rubbish diet out there ww,sw,atkins...nothing makes my belly dissapear!
I clocked up how much is spent in a week on meals out, booze, chocolate, take aways and regular groceries then showed him that it will actually be considerably cheaper. He is supportive though because he knows how much I want this to work. Honestly I will go without extra luxurys for a while if it means I can be slim again. Ill hapily sacrifice new clothes or hair appointments, make up etc to get my self esteem back.
My oh is very supportive. He has never mentioned my weight but gets annoyed when I am miserable because of it. He says anything that makes me happy is OK with him. He bought me flowers at the weekend as a starting pressie and is thinking of things to do/buy after I have achieved mini goals. He has even said he will cook for himself and the kids. Now posioning himself is taking it a bit too far lol!
My OH has also been very supportive. He has been dieting too, but doing it his way, as he couldn't face the shakes. I think that sometimes people can be worried that such a radical diet and the changes it brings will threaten their relationship and the cost (albeit a real issue) can be a front for that fear.
Just my thoughts, for what they are worth.
Remind him there are no groceries for you really, at all....no snacks in petrol stations....no snacks or coffees at work.....or when out shopping......you would be surprised how much more is spent on food other then jst the weekly shop....

I was very lucky. OH loved me as I was - and could care less if I was fat or thin. But he knew how unhappy I was in myself. He has supported me 100%. SInce January, I have only had to prepare him about 10 meals. He has done the rest himself. He'd been wonderful, and I am pretty lucky. :)

I hope yours comes around. Remind him your health and happiness is worth a couple of sacrifices if that is what is needed to get you there.

Good luck, don't be sad - if there is a will, there is a way. FInd it, grab it and run with it!

My husband's been awesome. He's very supportive and has done Slim Fast alongside me doing LL. We were eating out at least once a week and at least one takeaway too, plus I'm meal planning for the rest of the family which has saved money, so I don't think the £66 has had much of an effect really. He's also rubbing me down with various oils and creams each night in an attempt to avoid saggy skin, and is delighting in watching me disappear before his eyes :)
My hubby has been my brick!! It was actually him who found out about lighterlife and encouraged me, he never moaned about my weight but was worried about my health after I was taken in to hospital with suspected heart failure!! (thank god it wasn't!!). We both work hard and he says I deserve to be happy and healthy!! and let's face it... now he's reaping the rewards too cos he's got a wife with loads more energy and zest for life who wants to do lots and looks good (even if I do say so myself!!!)... how can he lose? lol ;)
I'm very lucky, my husband is being very supportive. When I told him how much it cost he thought about it for a mo and then said 'well if you really want to do it, and you're going to stick to it, and you think it'll be good for you then go for it'!
He did have his reservations about it as it's a vlcd, he thought I would be starving myself and be weak and tired all the time but once I explained that you get all your vit's & min's from the foodpacks and the process of ketosis, he was happier with it... and then when he saw how much more energy I had a week or so into it he was chuffed!!
It's worth the money - every pennny

:girlpower:Hi, Mine has been very supportive. I've done it for my health. He has seen a great improvement in my health and mood. i think i'm a nicer person to be around now.
Also I agree about not buying booze, meals out (I'm a cheap date - coffee and water for 7 months now).
I've also started doing on-line grocery shopping, no temptations or extras. Okay, you pay for the delivery, but more than make up for it in the savings.I'm quids in -it pays towards the new clothes. Don't let him put you off.
My OH has now decided to do slimfast whilst I do LL. He has agreed that he'll have a lunchtime meal and then a shake when he gets home in the evening. This is going to really help me as I was worried about the cooking smells when I have cravings.

Oh and he got me beautiful flowers as a gift before I start. What a star!
I totally agree with you slendablenda about shopping online - I spend so much less when I'm not tempted by all those buy-one-get-one-free deals! I actually came home with 4 mega bottles of mouth wash one week to a confused hubbie who just said "What were you planning to do with those?".

My hubbie was really supportive when I told him about joining the programme. He just said he wants me to be happy. I'm only slightly worried that I skimmed over the cost with a "quite expensive" and he has asked me how much. I'm hoping that by the time he figures out how much I'm spending, he will also see how much we're saving on the grocery bill.
I have just worked out that over the last six months we spend an average of £61.61 per month on dining out and takeaways, ie we don't do it very often. I don't really drink, buy snacks at the petrol station, or snacks and coffee and work either. So I cannot argue that in my defense so have just not told him the cost. He knows its expensive though.

I asked him the other day if he loved me and he said too much, I asked why and he said because you always get what you want!!
I'm very lucky too. Mine has been supportive and is even thinking of joining himself but two of us on it at one time appears costly to him so I've got to let him come round to realising it's not that bad! I think he was getting so frustrated with me trying WW and all the money I've wasted on that over the years, then diet drugs from the doctors. Initially he was concerned with the cost but I got through to him the money we'd actually be saving and I have been proved right. All in all, do it and show him how successful it is...he'll soon get used to it :) Like someone has said, there's always alternatives that are cheaper - CD, Lipotrim, W8. Good luck!

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