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What did you get for valentines day??

Hiya everyone

I am so nosey and love hearing how romantic some OH can be. Andreas is quite romantic and i love it hehe :p

This morning i cooked him breakfast in bed (he was fast alseep lol) I made him a massive bacon butty on crusty bread (i cut the bread extra thick) with an egg on top and a hot cuppa tea. He woke up smiling as he tucked in :)

Then after my dad left (he was visiting this weekend) We crawled back into bed to open the gifts hehe! He pulled out this lovely red valentines bag and when i opened it there was a box in side (to big to be a ring box btw) When i opened it i could have cried. He got me a lovely white gold heart shaped pendant on a lovely chain with a pink gemstine in the middle of the heart was so lovely!!! He also got me a Pandora charm for my Bracelet :D hehe!! I was a very happy bunny today!!

I then asked if he wanted his present ;) he said.. ''i thought u didnt get me one?:eek:'' (because i told him i didnt have time and would get him something when i got paid) I got him 8 jumpers, because he is loves his smart jumpers and really needed some. He was VERY happy and also couldnt stop smiling hehe:D!! Its been a lovely lovely day.

What did you get for or get from your OH? xxx
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I got a card off my Mum. It's a bit tragic but at least I got something lol. Which makes up for my encounter with my ex's mum at Tesco's earlier lol
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I got some perfume(he chose it himself) and we went away to a nice hotel for the weekend and had a couple of meals out-although we had Master T with us. x


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I was working Sat night so when I went to get into bed Sunday there was a beautiful handmade (by him) card hidden under the covers for me. Felt really guilty as I hadn't got a card for him :p. We didn't buy gifts, we never do.


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I had very unexpected Valentines...

As I'm single I didn't expect anything and tbh decided spoil myself so nothing what retails therapy couldn't deal with!!

Even went out on Sat night just to keep myself occupied. Besides I figured out that any guys out on their own would be def single (for a change LOL)
On Sun I got a big surprise. I got huge buquet of roses (two dozens) and invite for a dinner. Well, it was my ex and despite the fact that there is no chance in this world we'll be back together I gave in this evening. We had very intense relationship which quickly became toxic. Then lots of issues caused that we really can't be together long term.
But I can't say that I haven't missed him... There is such amazing chemistry between us that I simply couldn't refuse spending some time with him....
Came back home very late last night smiling to myself and admiring beautiful flowers I got. It did make me very happy...
I'm not going to think or analyse what happened. Bottom line is I loved every minute of it and it did made V. Day very very special.
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My husband bought me a pandora bracelet with 2 charms, a heart one and a little scroll say forever together!. He obviously did take the hint when I told him about Tasha's nana buying her a pandora bracelet lol. I bought him some aftershave felt a bit stingy he spent a lot more on me than I did on him.
wow minimimi glad you had such a lovely time out hehe!! Sounds like the flowers and meal did you good :) Ooooo you got a pandora bracelet Lisa yay!! I want the little charm saying together forever too but i dont think andreas would buy me something like that haha. Sounds like you all had a lovely day :) xxx
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I got rushed into hospital and had my gallbladder out...best present ever!!!:D

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