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What diet pill are you using?


Reaching the goal
Ok, so now my question is answered just by browsing this forum. Some of you have been using pills in their weight loss, right? I just wonder what pills are you using? I am interested to compare pills as I just can't lose weight with exercise and healthy diet only. I need a boost and suggestion. I am 242 pounds and want to weigh 132 pounds before the year ends so I need a boost.
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Gonna do it this time

As you said you can see we are all using Xenical which blocks some of the fats you consume which in return helps you to lose weight.

My concern is mostly that you want to lose 110 lbs by the end of the year. I'm worried that you may be setting yourself up for some disappointment. Xenical is not a quick fix and it is unlikely that you would lose that amount of weight in 6-7 months using this tablet. I have roughly the same amount of weight to lose and used Xenical last year losing 3.5 stone, I was losing rought 1-2 lbs a week even using the Xenical which is what doctors would recommend. Also using Xenical you really need to exercise as that will give your weight loss a great boost.

If you lost 2 lbs a week by Christmas you would still be roughly 70 lbs lighter which would make you feel amazing.

I'm sorry if I sound like I'm preaching but losing weight is unfortunately not something that you can do overnight if you want to do it healthily.

I really hope that I've helped and that you find the right track for your own weight loss.


Reaching the goal
Thanks Calkarima. I have heard Xenical and I know it works. But I am still confused on what weight loss product will give me a big boost. Did you experience any side effect? I am thinking of using AcaiSlim since I have seen people lose weight with it. Is there any pill that would not need exercise and healthy diet yet make me lose weight? I need more testimonies or any other product that will help me. The 110 is my weight in kilograms. It is 242 when converted in pounds and I would want to achieve 132 pounds by the end of the year.
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i was prescribed xenical when i lost 18 pounds on my own. i have been on xenical for almost 2 weeks ive lost another 8 pound! xenical does have side effects but all you got to do is look at the xenical forum and it will tell u everthing u need to know. u can also buy the same diet pill over the counter the name 'alli' its like xenical but half the dose but you can buy it from shops (chemists etc) good luck!! x


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there is no pill for loosing weight without healthy eating and exercise. sorry, but everyone using this forum commits to exercising and eating healthy, or it just wouldn't work! x
there is no miracle pill for losing weight, and personally i wouldn't want to use one, as i feel the only way to lose weight and appreciate the weight loss is to work at it i'm afraid, if something comes off easily it generally goes back on just as easily, i want this to be the last time i need to lose weight and so i going about it using xenical, eating a healthy diet that improves my health as well as losing weight and exercising regularly.... boring but safe


Reaching the goal
@ all: thanks for your replies. you are all a great help. i don't have enough money to buy xenical so i have ordered acai slim online and hoping it will arrive by Monday. anyone here using acai slim pills? did it work? how many days before i can see results?


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Hi desperate, was reading your post about getting a pill that will help you lose weight without exercising and healthy eating. The whole point of losing weight is to change your lifestyle, eat healthy, exercise.
No Pill whatsoever is going to achieve that for you.
Dieting is a very very long hard slog, willpower and positive thinking about changing, ive been there and still am, there is no miracle for weight loss.
I wish you luck with whatever you do and hope your weight loss journey succedes.


Reaching the goal
@ bevsy: thanks. everyone is telling me there is no magic pill, so i guess i will have to work hard by exercising and eating healthy diet as well. thanks for the well wishes, i also wish you achieve your weight goal soon. congrats on that 19 lbs weight loss. :)


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you should check with your doctor for xenical, you have to have quaifying bmi to get it though, i get the prescription for free cos im studying, but if i was to pay its only about £7 these days aint it ?

don't buy anything from the net you never know whats inside the pill x

edit: i just checked your stats on the side then, and i was 224 lbs when i was able to get the xenical, so you will be able to get them from the doctor, they should help you with a nutritional information sheet as well if you ask, if your unsure what kinds of foods to eat :) xx
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Reaching the goal
cool, thanks Jude! I now have the acaislim pills. i have asked my doctor about it and he said they are just fine. I started the first pill dinner time. So far nothing changes except for the amount of meal I ate. I couldn't finish all of it. I guess that was the effect? Does xenical have the appetite suppression effect as well? We'll see how I go with these pills in the coming days.
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aww good stuff, everyone feels different about everything so its what works for you :)

no xenical doesn't supress appetite, but being on them you sub-conciously don't want to eat rubbish incase you get the visit from mr tango! so in a way, you don't want to eat! but aslong as you eat the right foods it works well, ive only had bad side effects the once and that was from warburtons white bread? but thats just me, other people have different side effects with eggs or salmon, but ive gotten used to eating good foods so its working well :)

what do the acai pills do? x


Reaching the goal
sorry, not familiar with "mr. tango"? hehe.

the acaislim website where i ordered said it suppresses your appetite so you eat less and always feel full (this is true as i just don't feel like eating. i know it is not good to starve though so i still eat some). it also gives you energy (this i can attest because i have been using the pills for 1 week already and oh boy the energy is so great! i love it!) and it also makes your metabolism faster so you burn the fat that you ate (not sure how this works on me though!lol!)

still new to say no side effects. but so far, i have not experienced anything bad.

i just weighed in this morning and am surprised to lose 3.3 lbs in my first week! if i will lose the same amount or more every week, i may be able to achieve my weight goal by november this year, 1 month earlier than my target month. yay!

Start Weight: 242lb
Current Weight: 238.7lb
Goal Weight: 132lb
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