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What do people do for trips away and special events?

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Next week i'm off to stay in a hotel with work for three days then the week after it's my birthday. I'm a little worried i'll go off the rails and put on weight! I want to try so hard to not to. What do people normally do to cope in such situations?!

I think when i'm away i'll be ok for breakfasts and lunches, it's just the evenings i'm worried about.
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Hotels usually have gyms - pack your swimming cossie and gym kit and get in the gym! :)

Evening meals - most places have plain chicken meals, ask for jacket instead of chips, tomato based sauces, salads with dressings on the side......just think of the SW plan rules and you should be fine.....

Take some fruit for your room, and some alpen bars for snacks....you will be fine! xxxx

Have fun xxx
I have just gotten back from a lovely weekend in York for my anniversary, and to be honest, the food part of the trip was easy.

I struggled with the alcohol side of things (I can assure you I am not an alcoholic, but there were so many nice pubs and everywhere was walking distance)

Either do extra easy and have steak/chicken/gammon with a baked spud.....or chilli con carni is ok I think?

or go green and have pasta (tomatoey ones) and baked spuds, beans etc.


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i went away for the weekend for my bday and followed the plan during the day but at night just had what i fancied-including tapas wine cocktails crisps. i put on 4.5lb that weekend but it all came off in a couple of days so dont worry if you do splurge! have fun!


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I'd just usually try to pick the healthiest option (without being yuck) and hope for the best. You can usually guesstimate they syns, & as people above have said, you can get a good meal for virtualy syn free! XXX


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Hi Mate

Just to add to the already fantastic advice, I work away a lot and occasionally practically live in hotels. Here are the tips that I have picked up:

DON'T attempt the hotel breakfast unless you are very strong willed- I take alpen light bars, pre weighed out bags of cereal (that I can eat like biscuits e.g. weetabix cruncy bran) ryvita and laughing cow and have breakfast in my room

Although you may think hotel breakfasts will be SW friendly they are NOT- when faced with masses of free food only the strongest willed of people can manage- can you face not putting real butter on your toast? Would you be able to not eat all of your cereal as the mini box is more than 28g? Would you be able to resist the sausage and fried bacon when getting your beans? I couldn't, so don't do it to yourself!

For your room- to stave off hunger and help you cope with homesickness, take mugshots and flavoured cous cous in tubs for emergencies as you will have a kettle in your room
Keep lots of free/low syn treats available to avoid hotel boredom eating at night- fruit, ryvita minis, eggs (boil in the kettle), bovril stock for a savoury drink and alpen lights

Good luck

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