What do the flavours taste like?


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As my LLC has quit, and the other LLC is miiiiiiiiles away, I will be using CD products very soon!

Could one of you stars please tell me what they are like? Does Toffee and walnut taste like toffee and walnut? Is the Nut bar like the dreaded LL nut bar (known in some circles as 'cork tiles')? Is it really true that Orange bars taste like jaffa cakes?

Your answers greatly appreciated!

Dom xx

Chocolate Mint
Fruits of Forest
Toffee & Walnut

Ready Mades
Chocolate Velvet
Banana Bliss

Broccoli & Cheese
Chicken & Mushroom
Oriental Chilli

Double Chocolate
Malted Toffee
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The only one I don't like is the Spicy Tomato but other people love it. My fav packs are choc and choc mint. Sure you will love it.

Tetras are great and i love all the bars. Mixing pack with mix a mousse is delicious

Irene xx


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Everyone has their favourites - and they can change!

Most CDC's will swap if you get flavours you really don't like.

Go for what you think you'll like - be adventurous if you want .... and enjoy!!

No our peanut bars are covered in choc ... and crunchy - but I LIKED LL nut bars!!!


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Peanut bars are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hot choc mint on a cold day MMMMMMMMMM!!

Veg soup LOVELY

Chicken and Mushroom soup Beautiful!!

Tomato is evil, but hey, we cant win em all!!!

Toffee and walnut in a muffin with custard, splendid!!!!!!!


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Chocolate Velvet is the best and Caramel bar in second place and all the rest are nice. Apart from Cappucino and Toffee and Walnut. I would rather starve then have these. But saying that alot of people like them.

Nick :D :D


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I have just changed from LL to Cd as I am moving to an area where there is no LL. :(

Maybe because of the novelty I LOVE banana, toffee and walnut, cappuccino !:D

Butterscotch is the same as we call caramel in LL.

Spicy tomato is a nice change and cheese & broccoli is yummy too. The veg soup is a bit nicer than LL as it has some veg floating on the top!:)

I can't eat the bars, they make me ill :jelous:


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Oh i love them all LOL apart from the oriental chilli i think it's called, and havn't tasted the bannana tetra yet, but the bars are so scrumptious specially the peanut ones.
good luck.


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I've never had a tetra. I imagine them to be super rich and that puts me off ....


Still Climbing That Hill!
C: 16st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 42.8
I've never had a tetra. I imagine them to be super rich and that puts me off ....

Hi cah-ching yes they are quite rich but i manage to split my tetra into three or four lots by putting a little in the bottom of a mug and fill with boiling water really really nice and that way you can make it as strong or as week as you like, voila!!

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I'm particularly fond of the Cappuccino, Strawberry and Butterscotch shakes, although I like the others I've tried.
The tetra's are nice. I don't have the soups - I went off them and haven't tried any of the bars.


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I love the cappachino, cho and choc mint mad with hot water, yum! And the tetra is like drinking a melted macdonalds choc thickshake! Bloody lovley! I am not a soup lover but I love the shakes and bars. Although not keen on vanilla, bananna, strawberry or fruits of the forrest. Muffins made from toffee and walnut are fab! x


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I'm a soup addict, my absolute fav is the Tomato mmmmmm, closely followed by Mushroom and Brocolli & cheese. I've tried a few of the bars, love the peanut one!