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What Do U Eat On Weigh Day???

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Is it just me...or cos its weigh day do you spend alllllll day thinking about it and therefore thinking about food so your always hungry too?? Well if its not just me....WHAT DO YOU EAT?!
I dont eat pastas or potatoes or anythin heavy like that...but ive doomed myself to lettuce every wednesday now cos wednesday is weigh day! Hmph!!

Any Suggestions Mateys? Or am i just cheating the scales :/
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Nah im only joking hun. There was a thread on here not so long ago about being careful on WI day. I'm sure someone will come along soon and take this thread seriously and give you some tips .Lol xx


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I wish i had a good tasting featherlite recipe for you, its my WI tonight and so far ive had a banana and two apples, i'm thinking more veggie type stuff all day make veg soup that scrummy .. then a yummy pasta after WI
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haha its hard work isnt it!! Ive had a yoghurt and 2 bananas! nice but yano...its not a meal! Just thought...omlette?? if ya just put like onion n ham in it, maybe a little cheese (not particularly light tho!)

Any1 with any more ideas theyre very welcome!!!! haha

Good luck on ya WI tnite btw viks! :) xx


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I have my WI on Monday morning, which should be easier but I just end up thinking about it all day Sunday!!!!!

I usually have a nice Sunday lunch at about 3pm and don't eat after that- I know this is stupid, but I hate the thought that the scales might just be showing a lerge meal and not a true reflection of my weight loss.

Drink plenty up until a couple of hours before. Eat something that isn't too weighty AND not too salty- don't want you retaining water

Good luck
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haha nooo its not stupid!! thats why av posted this thread cos i think the same! but my weigh in isnt til 6 in the evenin! So i cant not eat all day haha that why am after somethin light without soundin like am cheatin! i wanna know how much iv lost as appose to how muchmy last meal weighed! Ooft hard work this!!
Does drinkin loadsa water make a difference?? xx
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It's pants! I am always worried about how much I'm eating on WI day. I try to eat *light* foods but you know, i'm sure it doesn't make that much of a difference really...

Today I've had a poached egg on toast (quite heavy), some melon (heavy) and some rice cakes (light!) and for lunch I'm having salad and seafood sticks (light). Then I won't eat anything til WI at 6pm. I'll be ravenous and very grumpy!

I drink water normally during the day but stop at about 4pm. I'd die of thirst otherwise - I get really bad dehydration headaches. I figure 2 hours is enough time for excess fluid to get peed out.

It's one of those things I've wondered - if you drink very little through the day and get dehydrated will you weigh less or more? Will your body hold onto the little water it gets and make you retain it. Or will you weigh lighter cos there's less water in your body.

Anyway...it's all cheating! LOL! What really matters is how our clothes fit and feel, not just numbers on the scale.......

*tries to take own medicine*
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haha i eat very little on WI day too! N i also doubt it makes much of a difference but yano it cud be half a pound! n every little helps!! haha
To your water question i dunno yano its quite the conundrum :/ it could work either way i suppose (but ive just got a bottle of water to drink before i go just incase hehe)
Guess it really is just a case of eat as little as possible on WI day! haha booooo hiss!!

Then again...suppose we can still feast through the week haha silver linings n'all that!! :) x x x


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I eat as little as possibly on weight day and I will be attempting to eat even less come next weeks one :)


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I do actually believe that by changing you eating habits on WI, that this is not a true relection. I eat normally on WI day, but I don't have my tea, because I'd normally eat it at 5.30, but this is my WI time.

Just my opinion. i don't stress about what I'm eating on WI day any more than I do on any other day.


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I hardly eat anything on WI day, I have my breakfast, a couple of cereal bars & some fruit but then I don't eat anything after 1pm & stop drinking by 3pm - my WI is at 5.30pm - consequently I end up starving hungry by the time I have stayed for Image Therapy, I keep promising myself that I will try eating normally one week & just see what happens but I have never been brave enough......LOL


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If I am at home I will have poached eggs on toast for breakfast and then cottage cheese or ham salad for lunch with some fruit, sometimes I'll have a small jacket potato and salad. I have my last cuppa at 2pm ish (WI is at 5.30).

If I'm not at home I'll have cereal for breakfast and the same lunch.

I also get a bit twitchy if I don't go for a number 2 during the day either.....(sorry but it weighs you down!!)
I NEVER eat pasta the day before WI, someone once told me it weighs heavy the next day and i've never done it since!!

Silly traits and quirks I know, but I've done this for years and can't change!!!
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Thank God this isn't just me!
LOL and me!!! If I've not been then I am convinced I'm at least 1lb heavier.

Also...and this is weird...I like to have a good hour or so on the sofa with my feet up before class. I even leave work early so I can rest. Something I've only started doing in the last few months, but somehow in my head it makes sense. You know how you're lighter in the morning after a night's rest? Well, if I rest on the sofa before WI, it should work out that I'm a little bit lighter for class, yes?!?! NO?!?! LOL! I'm a weirdo.
S: 11st3.0lb C: 11st7.0lb G: 9st7.0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: -0st4lb(-2.55%)
Oh totally...it's not news to me that!!! lol!

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