what do u get out a class?

ok this is my 3rd class and have to say i have been unimpressed with my consultant..

I hav lost 10lbs more down to my own determination than any support or encouragement from her..

the last 3 class have been a nightmare system never seems to be working or she is running behind weighing n taking money.. there has actually never been any body magic..

i was slimmer of the week the woman who weighed us said to me then her n it wasnt ecknowledged.

i have paid to be weighed.. is this how it is??
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I dont stay to my class after i get weighed. I have done, and i didnt end up getting out till 8:45, then having to walk home which is nearly 9..by them i am just tired! Lazy reason perhaps, but i know that if i have a problem or a question i can just call or text her, shes really good like that. We got an email this week from her, about motivation & support and i know she is there if i am struggling over the phone.

When i have stayed before, it was just the general how did everyone do..and questions etc, a little topic about an upcoming walk event for charity and so on. Taster sessions have been done in the past when i use to go..it is a good meeting but it just depends on how im feeling if i want to stay or not.



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I find it is not when I am doing well that I really need the class and consultant, but when I am not.
If I wasn't going to group I could just stop no questions asked.
But I didn't go the last week because I knew I had gained, and instead my consultant was on the other end of the phone encouraging me back - and it worked.

Also if you are only in your third week it may be a case of getting to know people a little bit better and finding your 'role' in the group so that people can help you and you can help them.
nobody stayed for the meeting part as she is so disorginised and folk r getting peed off at the caos.. i actually stayed for 20min after and still nothing was said done after weigh in..


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My consultant is awful too, I sometimes wonder why I go when the support on here is way superior.


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When I used to go to group it was absolutely rubbish! I found it completely pointless, the ideas she had for meals were pants.
I've been told of other groups that are really good and do tasting sessions and things. If my group had have been like that I'd still be going :D


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I always stay for image therapy because I don't see the point in paying a fiver a week just to get weighed!
My consultant is very strict so she does motivate me to lose weight, I wouldn't want to upset her by having a gain lol ;)


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sounds like your C doesn't have a "social team"and is doing everything herself?

my C has a lady that does the computer / sales / raffle, and another that does the scales / certificates etc while he is chatting to us or newcommers, then he does the image therapy when we've all weighed in and had a natter for 5 mins..
the 2 ladies are both members and come for the early group and stay for the late one too..
I dare say he has others that help out in his other groups too..
ours is good but all we do is pay, weigh, discuss the same raffle prizes, go round here what everones lost, draw raffle and leave. Same everyweek!


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When I first joined I hated going to group afterwards, and only lasted a couple of weeks, though that was mainly due to the fact I was nursing my baby at the time and the diet bunged him up bless him! Then when I decided I really needed to lose weight in November I was reluctant to join a group as my old consultant had been so condesending and everyone in the group ignored me! However, I have found another group where the consultant is inspiring, and the rest od the group make you feel so welcome and are incredibly supportive, I love going! BesidesI would really hate paying £5 just to get weighed!!!

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What class do you go to? (so I can avoid it ) ;-) xx


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I stopped going to mine because I didn't feel like I was being supported, and when I asked for help my C was quite patronising and unhelpful. I didn't think it was worth my fiver so I just stopped going. I got a couple of phone calls and messages but I'd saved the number in my phone so I could ignore it! I've had a couple of letters too from a girl who left that class and started her own, but I've kind of gone off the idea of going.


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i really enjoy mine and always come away really motivated and the group are a good laugh to we all went out for a xmas meal a few weeks ago


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ours is good but all we do is pay, weigh, discuss the same raffle prizes, go round here what everones lost, draw raffle and leave. Same everyweek!

This is the format for SW meetings! The "going round the group bit" is Image Therapy.

Mummytummy - if your consultant doesn't have any helpers then perhaps suggest she gets some. Like coljack, ours has someone to take money, someone to weigh in, someone to do the shop and someone to do the raffle.
If the system isn't working, that isn't her fault, it does happen unfortunately.

As for losing weight due to your own determination, isn't this what it's all about hun? No matter how good our consultants are (or are not) they can't always be there and whatever mood we leave group in, be it motivated or not, they can't be there to watch every mouthful you take during the week.

Group and consultant is there for support but they can't lose the weight for you.

I wouldn't say mine was particularly motivational, but she's a lovely lady and very helpful and kicks our butts if we start messing about gaining etc!
For me, it's the group who make it - we support each other and have become good friends over the years.

I hope that your consultant gets more organised and that you find you enjoy group a bit more. Thing is, if nobody stays then there can't be any Image Therapy!


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I have had a similar experience when I first tried a group and didn't like it. Took ages to be weighed then waiting for group to start only for the consultant to read out what everyone has loss, do the raffle and slimmer of the week thing then have chit chat with the group. Joined sw online and find it gives me what I need....help with syns and way to track weight. Only thing missing is someone who weighs you but u could always get friend/relative to do that for free! Also The support on these forums Is much better then any group I've found. Mayb try it and c how u get on?


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I did slimming world last year with my aunty and went to a group near her house which was really friendly and supportive and i lost about 2 and 1/2 stone with the gruops support.... then kinda fell off track on my birthday, i've decided to start going again and have recently joined a group with my mum (who has never done slimming world before) closer to where i live, and to be honest i thought the consultant was really crap, on our new member talk she completely rushed through it and my poor mum had no idea what she was supposed to be doin and if i didnt already know i'd have had no clue either i was really annoyed at her and when i tried to ask questions she didnt even answer them and kept flicking through pages, i've ended up spending ages going through it all with my mum. The group took forever we were there for at least an hour and a half, it was our first weigh in this week so we decided to give it another go and stay but again we were there for more than an hour and half just going round the group which in my opinion is far too big to go round announcing everyones weight. It has totally discouraged me from going back and my mums definatley not impress with the staying to group. i would go back to the other group but i cant now because i finish work too late.Arghh its good to let my frustration out. :)


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I love my group. Our basic week is not dissimilar to many in that we weigh, socialise with the others then have image therapy where we go round the group seeing how everyone's done and have the raffle....however we have taster nights etc all mixed in there too....I have made some fabulous friends and at least 1 lifelong friend through my group and quite often it is the highlight of my week :)


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I like my group, although i am still fairly new, everyone is friendly there and already say hello. It is a big group, so image therapy does take a while, and obv if you hit upon certain subjects whilst the C chats to one person about their loss, and then it goes off on a tangent, it takes even longer lol
I dont mind though, although i may not sit there every week for that long as i like to get home and have dinner, I think class is a great way to keep you motivated, and i like flicking through the books and all the diff stuff they have there, I bought a recipe book home last night =D


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i love my new goup, although it costs me extra in taxis(bad bus route) the 'c' is very good, she has set up a facebook site, so club members can use, always there to help, the meetings are so friendly, it's good to hear what's helping people.:D