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What do we all do for a living?


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Been chatting to Ellebear, and the subject got onto work.
I bet we have all sorts of different trades out there, so thought it would be good to have a little nose, and you never know we might even be able to help each other out with advice etc.

I am a Health & Safety Manager for a Civil Engineering Company, totally love my job even though the hours are long and I frequently get soaked out onsite!

So what about everyone else?
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I better go next then :D xx

I work in the accounts team for one of the biggest Lighting companies in the UK. We provide, sell and distribute lights for Concert Touring, Theatres shows and Television and events.

I am the Payroll Manager and dabble in accountancy - AR and AP mainly.....! :D x


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I am a bookkeeper, and after being laid off last November, I work for myself at home.
I have a few clients and hope that it will grow. I love it, and wouldn't like to go back to working for anyone again.


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I work for the london ambulance service as an Emergency Medic.
IE i am the one onthe end of the phone to guide you until the ambulance gets there. I love it. I have delivered babies, helped save lives by instruction CPR over the phone but then you get the downside..... last xmas day i dealt with mainly hangings all day :(

Very very rewarding job.

Got the most rewarding job at the moment.................... on on maternity leave looking after my gorgeous baby boy born new years eve. xxxx
I (along with loads of others on here if I remember rightly) am an Administrative Officer with the civil service. Basically if your on benefits and have a problem, I'm the person who tries to help over the phone. Not a greatly rewarding job I must say, and with a new government, I suspect not the most secure job either :s


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My job title is 'Logistics Co-Ordinator' but I do way more than that, customer services, sales, operations, IT development, training, accounts and so on. I work for a company that supplies products to the gas & oil fields worldwide & I love my job.

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I work for the National Blood and Transplant Service. I work as a Senior Secretary for the Blood Stocks team so know how much blood/wasted blood etc all hospitals have.

I work part-time.


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Im a home care assistant (no explanation needed!) but I also work for a nursing agency and do bank shifts at the hosptial. I think my job is more emotionally draining although some days I am knackered as well and crawl through the front door.

Must enjoy it though as i have been in the care sector for 10 years now! x


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I'm currently a Project Accountant (no specific job to do but get pulled into loads of different things) but am leaving in August to sart teacher training!


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I work as Payroll and Nursing administrator for a Nursing/Recruitment agency. Was full time but due to the recession have been made part time, so trying to find a new job at the moment. Would love to do something in the Accountancy direction and would love to gain some qualifications. :)
I am now a sahm - until the end of November I was a senior IT Service Manager in the Civil Service (took voluntary redundancy).
I love my new job - esp. when the children are at school :-D
Sahm (doesnt seem to many of us *waves*) 2nd time around :D, 1st time around was 19 years ago when I stayed at home to my now 19 year old son and 17 year old daughter now I stay at home with 2 little girlies 4 half and 2 half in between that I only ever did part time work hoping to go back when youngest is in school :)
Wow!!! You've had your work cut out!!!
Don't say 'only' part-time! Those I've known who've worked part time always seemed to work a lot harder than those of us in the office all day :D

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