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What do you all nibble on at night time??

Ive been doing so bad on my diet, i just cant get into it atal, Im so good during the day but at night im TERRIBLE!

Just wondered if you could give me any tips on what you eat at night that is low syn or free....Please, im desperate to loose this weight but ive no will power and im getting seriously down about it which is making me eat more:cry:

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i usually use 90% of my syns at night so normally have mikados (1/2 syn each) muller , fruit , poss bag crisps << obviously not all on the same night these are my ideas i love iced gems if i got any hex left might have laughing cow on snack a jacks
just try to be adventurous


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if im craving stuff, i will have a low syn bag of crisps and a mullerlight with loads of chopped fruit in it. its so sweet and feels naughty although it isnt :D


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I am terrible at nights too, I go around opening and closing all the cupboard doors looking for treats to nibble on! I have got into the habit of freezing FF yogurt in a lolly mould. Syn free and takes ages to eat so keeps me busy for a while!
Hello, I am new to this forum...

My fave night-time nibble at the moment are frozen grapes. Delicious and free! I always have a bag in the freezer but my pesky kids have got a liking for them too so there are not always many left for me!
Mainly fruit and sometimes i have porridge for Breakfast so ive swapped the scan bran for a ryvita , but i save this for the evening and have FF cottage cheese with cuc and grapes !!
i buy the phily extra light in four small tubs, 1 = 2 syns , i slice up an apple and use the phily has a dip ! it's yummy takes ages to eat!

Mrs V

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I have recently been munching on 2 finger kitkats. After tea, I love a fruit salad, or pink and whites, or a Hifi bar.


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My fave night-time nibble at the moment are frozen grapes. Delicious and free! I always have a bag in the freezer but my pesky kids have got a liking for them too so there are not always many left for me!
I'm addicted to frozen grapes too. I thought they'd freeze like ice cubes when i first tried them but its more like an ice lolly texture, so not too hard.

I also nibble on slices of meat and pickled onions, sometimes i make lasagne crisps if i'm craving something with more crunch


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I've been having fruit (strawberries, bananas, apple) piled up in a bowl with a Muller Light (choc and orange is my favourite!) and a chopped up chocolate and fudge Alpen Light (3 syns or half a Hex B). The Alpen Light is just enough to make it feel naughty :)
I actually have trouble using my syns up every day. I save them for the evening to snack while I'm watching the soaps. Last night I had a packet of snack a jacks (5.5), a muller light inspired by (1), an alpen light (3) a bowl of mango, 5 mikados (last of the box - 2.5) 1 cracker bread (crushed and used as a coating for my fish at tea time - 1). I was so stuffed after that and not having anything in the house that is 2 syns (except sauces and mayo etc) so I just stopped at 13.


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I'm a big evening muncher too so like to try and leave a HEB option for the evening...i then crumble up two weetabix and top it with banana, strawberries, grapes and mullerlight! Tastes almost like cheesecake! YUM! I find it really filling too!
Sweet things, I will save a HEb for Alpen Lights, or have a couple of rich tea biscuits with a cup of tea - 2 syns each.

For something savoury I LOVE pickled onions - free on all plans! Or again, I make sure a HEb is kept then I can have a sandwich of some sort or some ryvitas with VFF cottage cheese.

Quite often now though, I have eaten so much Free Food during the day for my meals I don't feel the need to snack on a night.
I am trying to be too busy to eat in the evening! Television is rubbish at the moment, which makes it easier.

The other evening I had a huge report to type up from a meeting which had been tape recorded, so I had to keep stopping and starting the tape. I was so busy that I didn't even think about eating!

Now I would not want to do that every night (gosh, it was boring!!) but you get the idea. Get your fingers busy doing something else.
I've been having my dinners a bit later and generally snack on fruit, soya yogurts, cereal bars or scan bran and jam on an evening. Eating my big meal later keeps me full for a while and then I just have that something small while Big Brother is on and then it's almost time for bed :) I've been quite pleased with my evening eating, I used to get through bags of crisps and still feel hungry!

The SW website has some recipes for syn free lemon mousse and other delicious sounding puddings, maybe make some of them up to eat throughout the week? Even if you're not a member of the site there's still recipes up there for non members to take a peek at.
Like the previous poster, I tend to eat fairly late (around 7-8pm usually) which gives you less time to get peckish.

I always need something though to go with my evening cup of tea, pre SW it was 3 or 4 biscuits, these days I use Ryvita fruit crunch that I dip in the tea (3 syns or it can be a part of a HEXB), Mikados (1/2 syn) or Cadbury choc fingers (1 1/2 syns)
Savoury munchies, I usually have some form of crispbread (Ryvita, melba toast, scan bran if I'm feeling brave) with some laughing cow or Philly light equivilent - usually topped off with some cucumber, tomato, pickled onion etc. Having recently discovered as part of fishy week that I do in fact like tinned pilchards, (in tomato sauce) and that they are free on all plans, that may well be another choice for the toppings.

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