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What do you do at a meeting ?

I ask because I have just joined SW a few weeks ago and am finding that I am not looking forward to going to the meetings :sigh:

We all stand in the queue waiting to get weighed while the lady taking the meeting shows new starters the rules. That's fair enough. Then when everyone has been weighed, she goes through the whole list of folk and reads out who has lost weight. For everyone who has lost weight there is a round of applause..
As you can imagine, this takes quite a bit of time and the nitty-gritty stuff of swapping recipes, or discussing what new foods people have come across etc happens in the last few moments.
I really am disappointed with the group.
I know the lady who runs it only qualified this year, but, I feel like I've been left to get on with it alone..or 'Read the book it's all in there' attitude.
Are all meetings like this ?

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It sounds pretty much like my meetings too. Not so good if you are going on your own. We also have taster evenings too (well at my last club we did, only second week at this one). I find that when it comes to my consultant reading out my weight loss / gain, that then is the perfect time to ask about any problems. The bonus there is that you start talking to other members as someone will always be able to help you.x

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I agree with Tara. Its all depending how big your class is; as to how long your Consultant will get spending time covering each thing. If you have a recipe to share, or any problems, I would certainly raise them when your name is called for weigh result.
Ours is pretty much the same but fabulous It's my night out lol. I go with my mum and dad, my little brother and my partner are thinking of joining. I have made some new fab friends (older than me) We have recipe swapping, advice, raffle, SOTW, SOTM. Sometimes we have a clothes swap, food tasting. On special occasions Miss Slinky/Biggest Loser/Mr&Mrs/Easter/Christmas we have parties and we all take food in. X


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I love our meeting - and I love that if you are struggling that there is someone else who has probably had the same problem as you. There is a lot that goes on with members sharing recipies, hiccups and highlights. I get on better with that than with someone standing at the front talking - it gets the group sharing and you get to know people.

I appreciate where you're coming from but stick with it.



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That is the whole ethos of image therapy. Everyone gets their moment, gain or loss and it's their time to briefly discuss the week they've had. If they are struggling then it's time to discuss ways they can change things with advice from the group and the consultant.

Individual Motivation And Group Experience is what Image stands for - time for each person to have their chance to talk.

Sometimes we have food nights but only if there is a special event such as Woman of the Year or Target member of the year or Mr&Mrs etc.

I actually like it this way, it's good to help people and you do pick up tips along the way.
Thanks for your replies :)

With not having attended SW before, I didn't really know what to expect.
I'll stick with it, and maybes if I can't get the hang of enjoying the weight loss/weight gain/ applause part, I'll just go and get weighed.

*D* :)


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My consultant is good, but i hate these blackberry machines they use, i dont know why the weigher doesnt write down on a list your name and what you lost/put on/maintained, rather then standing there mucking about with this machine as it takes ages to get everyone up on the machine!!

this takes up nearly a whole hour at the class!!

othwrwise its ok!! lol

carla xx
My consultant Louise always starts the group by asking if anyone has tried anything new this week which then gives us the chance to talk about any new discoveries or new recipes etc. She then goes round the group discussing with everyone their week. I think it always depends on the size of your group but if you have any concerns you should certainly talk to your consultant away from the meeting. x
My C has a thing up on the wall that says something like "those who stay to group lose weight and those who dont lose interest" I would think twice about considering leaving group as imho it is the one thing that keeps me on track each week - the fact that I know that I have to go to wi and how much I want hear that I have lost weight this week :D but that just my opinion xx

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