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What do you do before weigh in?


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I've heard of people not eating AT ALL on weigh in day and surviving on water and black coffee...some people don't eat after 3pm...some people do 2 hour exercise sessions...

Does anyone do anything like that on weigh in day? I try not to eat past 5pm and my weigh in is at 7pm.

I don't just mean "cheating" or being unhealthy by not eating...I mean like any "rituals" before the weigh in?
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My weigh in is 10.45 on a thursday morning. What i do is get up and send the small one to school, have my usual breakie of fruit, walk the mile or so it is to group and jump on the scales. Nothing special. Tend to wear the same type of clothing. Nothing heavy like jeans.


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Just a normal day for me - after all why create a rod for your own back. If you restrict your food intake on WI day you end up having to do that one day a week for the rest of your life!


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What do I do before Weigh In.....

Go for a wee!!!!!
Dammit that was gonna be my answer LOL.

Seriously though if you had asked me this last year I had got into the habit of never eating on weigh day..I don't weigh until 7.30pm so was a long and hungry day. I made a concious decision to change that as as from January I do eat....I still can only eat fruit and yoghurt all day, don't ask why I'm not sure I get it myself yet but it's a distinct improvement so I'm getting there.

I wear the same type of clothing each week...light work trousers and a vest top with a cardi which gets stripped off at the scales and also my jewellary comes off to because I did that back in my desperate days so I still do ;)


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Now for my less flippant answer!!! (although I do indeed go for a wee right before WI)

I have either a cooked breakfast and then fruit for lunch (as i'm not really hungry) or I have weetabix/porridge for breakfast and then ryvita and cottage cheese or ham salad and then some fruit for lunch.

I don't starve at all but I wouldn't have a big lunch. I weigh in at 5.30 and don't have a cuppa past 2-3pm at the latest.

I do know people who only eat fruit all day on WI day. Not for me, I'd starve!


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I have my normal breakfast and fruit mid morning. Lunch time I only usually have soup at about 1pm then dont eat my dinner till I get home after weigh in which is usually about 8.45pm. I tend to wear roughly the same clothes every week, and I am another one who takes off my jewellery before I go....havent a clue why as I only wear a watch, ring and bracelet!


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I've only had one weigh in and I tried to do everything as normal. Drank plenty of water, ate as normal and didn't even take my belt off!


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Have deliberately tried to treat WI day the same as any other as am determined that when (note I said when and not "if" :)) I reach target I want to continue this way of eating forever....I never want to be in that dark place I was last September again!!!

Like others though I do run for a wee before stepping on the scales! ;)


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I walk round to class (drive if its raining) and then i go for a wee when i get to class -

wear similar clothes and remove my bracelet and rings (not my e-ring though!) and hold my breath when i get on the scales....haha!

I also always wear leggings and a tee shirt.....i must look like a tramp cos i alternate the tee's but mostly have 2 or 3 that i wear! haha!



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My weigh in is at 7pm so I just have my normal packs n stop drinking after about 4 only little sips if I get thirsty


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Oh I also only wear legging n a vest i find they are the lightest things to wear x


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I also take off my jewellery religiously after forgetting to removed it one week and the scales put half a pound on - realised that my two pandora's weighed too much to wear so I leave them at home now. everyone laughs at me as I try to wear as little as possible! If i could get weighed in my bra and knickers I would!


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For me i eat as i normally would then the scales will give a true reflection of my weight and not a squ-iff one cos I've not eaten enough all day!

I have a wee, wear the sameish clothes (I get weighed after work so I'm normally in similar outfits) and then go home and treat myself to something tasty if i lose!!

I also do a wee dance when i get in too if I've lost!


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I eat whatever I feel like for breakfast and lunch and then don't eat after 2.30pm- I WI in 6. I make sure i go for a wee and I wear exactly the same thing every week (LOL)- it's leggings and a vest with a woolly dress (that comes off, along with my watch, necklace and shoes!).


It's my first weigh in tomorrow and was just thinking about this...when I used to go to ww I got weighed at 5pm and never ate or drank after 12, same as everyone else said and go to the loo first. I didn't want to get back in this habit but am already obsessing about what to eat tomorrow and what time etc... I will wear same clothes and no jewellery only wedding ring (can't get my engagement and eternity rings on at minute - it's one of my goals:) )


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I try to wear similar clothes each week and go for a wee beforehand. I don't eat tea till after class but snack as normal until then.