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What do you do most... cook or buy convenience meals?


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Just curious after reading a thread on SW about something. SW are reported to be introducing SW products, the way WW do, and a lot of people on SW are dead against it, being against the idea of convenience food and not cooking.

There seems to be a common misconception by a lot of people, Ive seen it from newcomers to WW too, that WW focuses primarily on convenience food.

So I wondered:

Do you have more cooked meals or convenience food

What kind of WW products do you buy most of?

And why :)
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Im just me!
i tend to buy alot more ready meals or ww products or tesco meals with the points on the back as im just lazy!


Cook every time. We are recommended to WW meals after weight loss surgery as they are the right size etc but I hate them. I have had some of their products though and thought they were fine such as the quiche but like ones made from scratch better. I feel more in control of the quality of ingedients etc. Having said that when you're short of time they are a great quick way of keeping on track.



Lovin it !!! :)
I'd much rather cook from scratch - can bulk it out to be such a bigger portion - plus ready meals are full of salt and not at all filling.
The only things I would buy WW are the curry sauces as they are pretty good & the Tortilla Crisps from poundland - tbh - stores own are generally much much cheaper & just as nice anyhow. WW branded are often expensive.


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Personally i like to mix both together, Sometimes i like to cook and sometimes i like ready meals but i always add roasted veg or homemade chips to them. The only WW meal i really enjoy is the forzen beef lasagne. I eat some of the others but not very often. I find most ww products are ok, the new sausage casserole sauce is nice, but i find the curry too bland although their nann breads are brilliant! The crisps are nasty IMO, cake bars ok but too high in points etc. The only thing that i really love by ww other than the lasgane is the desserts, particularly the mint torte. Although i find them hard to resist.
I really like to cook things, from weightwatchers recipes mainly but sometimes its too expensive, i find food and dieting so expensive because i love food, i love shopping for food and i buy so much of it. Its frustrating when healhty things are more than junk food. The other day a bag of grapes cost me £4!!!!!!!!


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I do a bit of both if I know am going to be busy I will buy the micro meals so I dont go off track. But tbh I do like the morrisons own version of w/w ready meals (eat smart) as theres more taste to them and you get more for your points :) and they have the points worked already for you on the back just like w/w what i great idea :)


Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
Just for convenience i do tend to buy a lot of ww foods, more so when they're on offer. its easier when working shifts and as they're pre-pointed it's much less hassle too. but i do find it quite expensive sometimes. i have been variating between ww and supermarket own brands now tho, so will see how that goes.
I do love cooking from scratch but just don't have the time at the mo!


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i think it depends on my comfort zone - im living out at OH's parents and i'm getting stressed out a lot with all their rules and my god i head straight for the convenient foods, even if they are ww related.

At home, i do cook a lot more as i cook for me and OH.. here, OH's mum insists on all the cooking and although shes a ww gold member, she doesnt point things properly - just guesses.. and it drives me insane!


I too like to cook from scratch but with my work schedule it isn't always possible to do so. I have found that from the start the WW meals are excellent for portion sizes as this was probably one of my worst downfalls in my "other life". I also haven't found any WW meals that are "repulsive" and are generally quite nice. If anything doesn't taste as good as I had hoped I just simply remind myself that I am trying to lose weight and that might be one of the downfalls but that the end result will be worth it. Having said that, if something isn't that nice I usually won't buy that again.

Admittedly, as others have said, losing weight can be more expensive than when not. I know that we spend a lot more on groceries now than we did, but we also spend 100% less on chinese takeaways and the like so it probably all evens itself out. The one thing that outweighs (pardon the pun) any of the drawbacks is how good I actually feel in myself right now that I am 2stone 9lbs down from when I started. At this stage I wouldn't care if it cost twice as much again, I would do it just to be happy and losing weight along the way.

If anyone has good recipes for home cooking, pointed of course, I'd love to hear them. PM me for my email address.



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When I did ww before I cooked every day because I had a family to cook for, but since I split with my ex my little one has dinner at her daddy's most days, so I never cook anymore - no point just for me. So now I live on quick, simple, easy food.....ready meals, toast, sandwiches, wine (tee hee).....probably not as healthy as I should be, but it seems to be working a treat for my weight loss so I'm not complaining!


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I do a mixture of both, as I work full time and sometimes my hours can be long, the WW convenience food is great. Some of the meals are awful but some are really good and I bulk them out with veg/salad. As they are on offer in most supermarkets at the mo, I have stacked my outside freezer. Also the WW yogurts are amazing and filling so I always have a four pack in my fridge. The WW crips are good for those of us that still want to have a snack during the day.

Jo Slim

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I don,t enjoy cooking so it is easier to use convenience foods, the ready meals are handy to have in the freezer.
I,ve been living here since the end of august & it is alot harder to get a hold of low cal, low fat stuff!
They do some WW food but it is very very expensive so I,m making a big effort this year to make stuff from scratch.


...I have stacked my outside freezer.
I think this is a great idea, to stock up on favourite WW meals, specially when they are on offer but cant seem to convince the missus of the need for another freezer other than the one in the kitchen! :mad:


i've only just started ww and i've done both this week cooked from scratch and used ready meals. i work in catering and some days i hate the thought of coming home and cooking again. one thing i have realised after having ww ready meals is that my potion sizes were way way off so i just add loads of veg.
michelle x


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i tend to buy alot more ready meals or ww products or tesco meals with the points on the back as im just lazy!

I'm the same; usually go for WW spag bol, or curry! I'm lazy plus by the time i get in from work if i was to cook everything from fresh then i wouldn't be eating till 9pm!

I do cook when i have the time, but it's just not always!


I much prefer to cook my meal at night but tend to have ready meals/soups for my lunch. I don't really have the time to cook 2 loads of meals everyday either.