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What do you eat most ?

Breakfast : Muller Lights
Lunch: Ham and Tomato in wholemeal bread (HexB)
Tea: any kind of fish (got three differnent types of fish for tea next week and prawns for another night)

Also shed loads of grapes
The staples of my life are.........

Breakfast - 2 wholemeal toast with beans and eggs and some times mushrooms if I've got a tin
Lunch - fruit and yogurt and if I'm working away a pasta or new pots salad
Dinner - jacket and beans or pasta in sauce

I tend to have this Monday to Friday and the weekends I treat the better half and cook prop meals to keep him from going insane lol
Most common meals?
Breakfast- Oat so Simple (made with milk & water) with a grated apple and cinnamon Mon --> Fri

Lunch: Every week I have a chicken salad (but only once a week)

Dinner- probably once every 2 weeks or so we have my husband's amazing chilli.

I don't tend to do much of the same meals, I love variety. :)


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Breakfast - branflakes or nimble wholemeal toast.
Lunch - cous cous or jacket potato
Dinner - roast veg and quorn sausages...or pasta or a rice dish.
Breakfast - magic porridge
Lunch - 2 egg omelette
Dinner - either spag bol or chilli - they are quick to make, adaptable to which day you are on and can get a good hit of veg in them too.
Breakfast - Egg and bacon sandwich (with w/meal bread) and a banana
Lunch - some sort of salad followed by fruit
Dinner - Some sort of S/W curry - I make an awesome syn free tikka :D
I like this thread:)

Breakfast- 28g porridge made with sk milk, banana and a coffee.
Lunch- usually a free variety of batchelor's pot shot, apple and mullerlight
Dinner- pasta (leek & pea is my favourite right now, or the old fail safe-red pesto with mushrooms & red peppers) and salad.
Breakfast/brunch: Eggs, bacon and tomatoes and mushrooms and roasted new potatoes
Lunch:don't always bother...see breakfast as to why, so just an apple and a banana and a yogurt
Tea: chicken (with cheese and bacon/pizza topped) and new potatoes and BNS, red onions, and peppers all roasted.
At the moment I'm following EE and my most often eaten are:

Breakfast: Weetabix and semi-skimmed milk
Lunch: Fat-free noodles or a salad with chicken tikka pieces
Tea: home made chilli or curry
Snacks: fruit
I couldnt be without vanilla muller light sprinkled with chocolate.Have one for pudding most days.Also have 2 weetabix with skimmed milk at breakfast every day.I always have eggs in to make omlettes and i love sw chips with beans :)


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Breakfast: usually yogurt and fruit
Lunch: either jacket potato and beans or scan bran and laughing cow
Dinner: Pasta with tomato based sauce

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