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what do you eat on WI day?

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might sound silly but usually i would have a day completley off plan ( i weigh at 6:30pm) i.e not bothering with HealthyExtras etc ..having anything i desire essentially. However, being on ww now im not sure if there is anything as being off plan as everything has a points value more or less- in theory id just be having a day over my points allowance?

i guess what im asking is, do any of you not bother counting points on WI day or continue as you would midweek?

appologies for rambeling ! still getting to grips with it all!

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I'll admit, I use WI day as a treat day. I Still have my HEX's, still have my superfree, BUT....I'll pick something that I may have been craving the whole week, and I have it (usually after WI)...mostly stuff of the sweet variety.

I try not to go too overboard... last week I was craving Cadbury's wholenut, so I bought one medium sized bar. I kept it in my 'syn box' for a good 5 days (which is A MIRACLE for me), had it on WI night, felt satisfied, got back on track the next day. The important thing is I have all the stuff I need before I have the stuff I want, otherwise it just snowballs into a day of mindless bingeing....I know myself too well!

I'm proud of myself in the sense that I am slowly overcoming this ridiculous feeling of 'needing' to eat that kind of stuff ALL the time, in stupid quantities. Now if I want something, I can literally say 'yes, I will have it, in moderation...on Wednesday night.'

However, I stay away from anything in multipacks. Because that's just evil.
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
hmm, yes thats exactly what im like -except i do have an entirly naughty day.. i.e choc cereals for breaky, choc midmorn, bakery at lunch, then takeaway or somthing equally as naughty after wi plus desert. aslong as its only the wednesday it dont affect my losses and i find im on track for the rest of week, if i dont, i just end up strugelling?

i think i will stay on track and aim for no more than 25- 30points, now that i realise i should be having 22 not 18! doh!


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i usually use fridays as my treat day, but now a days i can't as i'm always with my OH Fridays - Mondays/Tuesdays so unless i take a whole shopping load of food with me i have to have what his family cook... and just limit the portion sizes :) they all know i'm on ww so try to help me out best i can etc, telling me cals and sat fats, this week it's their ann so we are having indian on sunday, so that will now be my treat for the week :) i try to have a treat now of a tuesday 3 days before WI and the day i come back from OH's usually chinese and stick to something lightish, like noodles and chicken and pineapple etc :) yumyum but still try to stick in points best i can like Starlight said if i do go over i actually do try to save those points during the week, and the day before WI i dont know why but i save 3 or 4 points because im always worried im going to way heavier the next day... even though i know this doesnt actually happen lmao :D


Mens sana in corpore sano
S: 35st10lb C: 34st4lb G: 27st0lb BMI: 78.7 Loss: 1st6lb(4%)
I know what you mean Fern...whatever I end up doing, I make sure I keep it to the Wednesday, no matter what. Then, for the rest of the week, I find it fairly easy to stick to my syns etc, and I find the mad cravings have subsided for the time being. Hasn't done my losses any harm so far. I figure 6 close-to-perfect-days out of 7 should guarantee a decent result on the scales...unless I've gone spectacularly crazy!
The group I go to meets in the morning, and afterwards a whole lot of us go for coffee and cake. It's our treat for being so good if we have lost, and a cheer up if we haven't. Helps us all to feel naughty without wrecking the days points allowance too badly, and something we all look forward to.

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