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What do you lose in a good week, if you track everything and stay on track?

I'm feeling a bit demotivated as had my 2nd weigh in last night and sts. This was despite tracking everything and staying totally on track. First weigh in I lost 5.5lbs so I guess thats something.

I thought this would really motivate me in the hope I might see more next week... i.e maybe I've dug the hole but it's full of water. So, convince me it does work, how much do you normally lose if you stick to it?
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this is a good question and i lose 1 lb a week now but when i stuck to it 7 days a week i think i used to lose about 3lb, but it varies from person to person depending on your weight and how active you are throughout the day, it does work so stick with it and you'll soon see, good luck


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Hi hun, I know STS can be abit disheartening but you didn't put any weight on, remember that. And 5.5lbs is fab!

Have you been doing alot of exercise? Sometimes when you are doing alot, the results wont show until the following week.

Are you eating all your daily points? I find that when I eat all my dailies and alot of my weeklies, I lose more than if i scrimp on my points x
i only lost half pound my first week and 1 pound second week 3rd week 1.5 lbs sticking to it but slow and steady wins the race:)you will see the results!!! might get a big loss next week, everyone is just so different:)
You first week is usually the biggest loss you will have as you have changed everything. Don't be disheartened and 5.5 lbs is still over average for two weeks that's 2.5 1/2 lbs a week

That's good :)
As others have said above it depends on your weight and activity levels. With my weight being so high on a perfect week i could probably shift around 3lbs. The week after though i'd either sts or lose half a pound.

Keep going with it, things do even out eventually. Least you never gained!
everytime i have started a diet i have a good 1st week and then a poor loss 2nd week or STS.
i have no idea why it's just how my body works, but it starts losing again on the 3rd week, perhaps you're the same.
Hi there, don't be too disheartened that is a great loss for the first two weeks - it's more than what I lost in mine and I'm a big girl! lol

I stick to my points every week and don't go over but as you can see from below I've had a few weeks where I have stayed the same. Best to lose it slow and steady as they say.


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