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What do you love about yourself?


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I have nice long slim fingers which look nice and I also have a (to quote my husband) a cracking set of jugs ;)


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I like my hair. I also like that I am in proportion and have an hourglass shape (even if it is a rather large hourglass!)
I like my neck too; the fat seemed to go from there really quickly. I've got quite a large neck, but it's slim at the same time if you see what I mean :D

My legs are looking a lot better, but they're quite scarred (though fading slowly) and the tattoos probably aren't to everyone's taste. My arse is saggy! Needs toning...


Needs to stop eating!!
Oh this is a hard one :(


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Mine has to be my bum, its always been amazing even when I was at my heaviest (way before my CD start weight). I do also love my wrists, they are the first thing I noticed weightloss from and they are just perfect :D


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Neck and legs - both long!! Also bizzarely like my wrists at the moment - it is the first place I noticed I was losing weight from!! I know it sounds daft but I just keep looking at them. Tx
I love my wrists too! Was only saying to my hubby last night 'aren't my wrists lovely!' He thought I was bonkers :p

Also my ankles are beginning to have a nice shape, so much so that that is were I have had my first ever tattoo last week!:eek:
I like my hands, wrists, neck, shoulders and waist. Im quite small on top. Size 12 with a size 10 waist. Just need the boobs to go down a bit more(currently a f cup) so it's hard to get shirts and fitted tops to fit right. Now I just need the rest of me to catch up!! x x


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Getting a bit better at liking myself.

I have great boobs :D Nice legs, even if they could be doing with being a few inches longer. I also have quite narrow hips and a wee bum. :D
I have great shoulders, high cheekbones, and really really blue eyes (it's the reason my OH spoke to me the night we met!... that and my 'impressive rack!'


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i love my hands, i dont think my face is too bad, and have a nice neck and collarbones!!
Eyesontheprize... funny you should mention collarbones.... I like mine too, I think it's about the fact that they were the first things that popped back out when I started losing weight!


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Come on ........ Your gorgeous.. there must be lots you like about yourself hon .
Look at your pics you look fab x


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Needs to stop eating!!
Im sure its not that hard...... i bet theres lots of great things that are lovely about you xxx
There really isnt, im 20 and everything has headed and setted down south!! I have always thought ooh I have a nice face but my ever so lovely partner woke me up today showing me a face shot that was taken a few years back when I was slim and told me I used to be pretty....how nice!! I did use to like my arms but now they are all fat and stretchmarky....woe!!

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