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what do you miss the most

Well as i'm due to start RC tomorrow I have had a bit of a blow out for the last few days, fish n chips, mixed grill, lamb dinner (not taken the fat off;)) full fat cheese, toast n butter & chocolate mini rolls to name but a few baddies.
This led me to think what am i going to miss the most, its sounds really bad but I think its the fat off meat, totally bad for you but oh so yummy :D What do you miss the most?
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I dont like hot choc, but I am doing ok so far without chocolate.
In my 1st WI last wed I lost 1.5lbs, which I'm ok about, coz before that I was doing Slimming World, and lost 5st 4.5lbs.
This week I've had a hard time, eaten things I shouldnt, so am hoping that this weeks WI will be ok, really wanna lose 1lb to get me to 5st 7lbs


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if you miss chocolate have a chocolate mini milk it helps me XXXXX
im going to miss alcahol,butter on new potatoes,large portions,and pinching the kids sweets!!:p

linda xx


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I have bben considering this question for a while and i have to say it is eating!!!!, I just love food and i could quite happily pick all day. I am struggling to reprogramme myself and i cant pick just one food as it depends on my mood!!

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Well for me at the moment it has got to be butter that i am missing , one thing that i used to love is a nice piece of wholemeal toast spread with REAL BUTTER, And then topped with marmite , i really miss that buttery toast in the morning.

i did try the toast without the butter ,but marmite on toast without the butter is so dry, so this morning i had a brainwave and thought i would try spreading the toast with extra light hellmans mayo, which is only 3% fat, and it is not to bad at all , ok its not real butter but at least its not dry.


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real mayonaise....... low fat mayonaise is not mayonaise.


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haha speak for yourself it's the 1/2 pound burger and chips i have on the side of it makes me fat , i refuse to blame the mayonaise its too nice to be evil. XXXXXX


One day at a time :)
I don't miss any of it!

Cheese is my biggy & I sometimes have a snack of rice cakes or rakusen crackers with extra light philadelphia and a little amount of grated mature cheddar - full fat! :eek:

I think it's OK in moderation occasionally if you reheally want it badly!


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cheese is a killer i crave it sometimes but i reckon thats just my body craving fat cause it's not getting alot.


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agreed crisps are one of my weaknesses and they are so bad for you.

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