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What do you plan on doing that you haven't done since being overweight?


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I have given myself a planned reward for when I reach 15stone (hopefully in the next 3 months) That still sounds a huge weight I know but I started at 22st 3lbs and I have lost just over 4st so just under 3 more stone to go for a reward. My goal is 10st 6lbs and I am aiming to get there by early next year.

When I was a slender size 12 and 11stone I used to be a right kid ,do all the theme parks and be up for anything. Since puting on the weight thngs like this were impossible, so for my reward I have said to my Hubby I want to go to a place called Go Ape. It's a high wirer adventure playground with zip wirers and assault courses for grown ups lol and I can't wait. :p

Does anybody else have anything planned that you have wanted to do but the weight has held you back on?
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I am going to learn to horse ride. I get put off horse riding now because to support me, the horse would have to be bloody mahoosive and the bigger ones scare me a bit! x


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Only a small one for me, I'm enjoying actually being able to wear high heels. Always wanted to and now I can!


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Hi Gem, yes we are very nearly the same weight. Here's to the 15st interim goal weight. Keep me posted and let me know how you are going. You will be horse riding soon and me on the zip wires lol.


looking to make a change!
hi zoe that sounds like a fantastic reward!

hubby loves alton towers so when we're both at a suitable weight (altho he'll be waiting for me for a bit) we're going to go there for the day :D
well it was nice to go to all the parks last month in Florida knowing i'd fit on all the rides ok lol i was 17'9 to start and would have been panicking at the parks at that weight ..the funniest thing i saw (well not funny really) was the 'chair measure' you have to sit in if you are of a 'larger upper carriage' lol thankgod i didnt need it lol

I'm basically looking forward to buying knee high boots from normal boot shop that my calfs will fit into this winter :D
I've never had a massage.
I'd love to go to a spa for a day and not worry about wearing a robe or therapists seeing all my wobbly bits.

I love rollercoasters too! I had the best time ever in Six Flags in California. If you get the chance to go there you'll love it.
The only thing I'd really love to do right now is plan a sunshine holiday. We've been going to Lapland the last 5 years-and again this year-but I'd really love to go somewhere hot and sunny too. I didn't mind before because I just wanted to cover up, but now I want to go somewhere I can wear a bikini and lots of summer clothes that I wouldn't wear before.

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I'm going Jet Skiing a year after I ran away from it :) Me in a wet suit doing a water sport I've never done before will be a huge step for me and it'll be in a few weeks....eek xxx


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Hi Zoe - weird!! I have only this morning agreed with my eldest step-son to visit Go Ape in Wyre Forest, Worcs, as soon as I feel comfy enough the climb the rope ladders. He went for his girlfriends b'day a couple of weeks ago and raved about it eversince. I have set myself a 3.5st target before seeing if I feel able. I'll keep you informed!

ps - just read this - the 3.5st is of course loss and not target!!!!!
Go swimming. The last time I was in the water was 2000 on my honeymoon, and then I was wearing a T-shirt and life jacket, as I was on a Jet Ski.

I said I wanted to ride a bike; I tried that ages ago and squashed the tyres when I sat on it, despite them being correctly inflated :eek I'm going give it a go on Monday during my lunch.
Zoe, I'd love to go to a place like that too! I've always fancied doing a parachute jump or something like that, and when I was a little girl I always dreamed of being an Utterly Butterly wingwalker lol!!!!

On a bit more sensible note i have promised i'll take my kids ice skating when I get to target.

Well done on your fab weight loss so far, you're doing so well!! xxxx


please try again
i want to wear high heels, im sick of flat shoes, ive a tendency to walk on tip toes anyway but with my weight my ankles arnt stable in high heels
i also want to take my daughter to a water park and go on the slides with her
Suprisingly, I was saying to my dad last night that when i get to 19st, which is my half way there target, down from 27, i wanted to go to Go Ape!!!

And Alton Towers as i have only been once and got humiliated, so i want to go back at my half way point!!!
I would love to go swimming and also not have to turn up extra early at gym classes to ensure I have a spot at the back



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I will go shopping :D. Shopping for a whole new wardrobe, get all the basic items that should be in a wardrobe, good quality stuff that will last. At the moment I don't want to spend any money at all on clothes, and when I have to, I get cheep stuff since I know I won't have them long. I want to be able to go to normal stores, not the plus size once. That is a big goal and treat for me that I am looking forward to a lot :D.

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