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What do you spend your Syns on?


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Hi Everyone.

I am in a nosey mood today so thought that I would ask everyone what they spend their syns on. I spend mine on sauces like Blue Dragon. I also use them on butter for jacket spuds, Bowyers sausages, mayo, bbq sauce.

But.....I never spend them on things like chocolate or crisps. I would feel like I was cheating (I know that I wouldnt be) but I just can't get my head around it, if that makes sense?

I would love to hear your favorite "syn spends"!
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Pretty much the same as you - sauces and if make a curry at home maybe a naan bread, prawn crackers if making chinese etc etc.

I do use sumtimes on choc and biccies, even crisps but not often really... I feel well naughty if have biccies (just had 2 custard creams) ooooooops!

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meringue nest every night in my fruit salad (3 syns) and usually chocolate of some sort - at the moment I'm addicted to M&Ms so I buy a big bag and then weigh out my nightly portion depending on how many syns I've got and munch on them whilst watching telly. I suck on them and they last ages. Or I sometimes have some microwave popcorn.


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I use mine on sauces, wine, low syn snacks like Snack a Jacks jumbo caramel. Havent yet used it on chocolate but might if I fancy it. That would prob be a 2 finger kitkat or something. Never use it on crisps, for me thats a waste of syns.
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varies, im currently chewing on a drumstick lolly, rarely have choc mainly booze, sauces like mayonaisse, tomato sauce that sort of thing
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choc, biscuits, cake and such like xxx


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Current fave syns are...

Olives! (7 for 1 syn!)
Colman's English mustard (I love it!)
Sugar free jelly (mixed with fruit)
Hi-fi bar (if I've already had my HEX B that day).
my syns are usually kept for a weekend on red wine i tend to use 40-50 of my weekly syns on a weekend on alcohol (naughty i know) but need the diet to fit around my lifestyle as much as poss and fri/sat nights defo include wine with the girlies or hubby x
I tend to struggle to eat my Syns, think I'm scared to use them. Then again, if go out on a weekend the it all goes on alcohol, its just gotta be done lol. Plus on weigh in day I tend to eat what I want so I suppose it mght balance itself out that way


rainbows holiday buddy :)
i spend most of my sins on...

asda cheese curls crisps (3.5 sins)
french fries (4.5 sins)
minimilk ice lollies (1.5 sins)
mini twister ice lollies (2.5 sins)
sauces (ketchup, pickle, mayo, etc)
...and fancy quorn fillets :)
I mostly eat the things I still consider to be normal - crisps, chocolate etc but I make sure that I count the syn values coz I get so cross with myself if I unintentionally go over my allowance. One thing I have found though is that since I have been food optimising I notice the additives in crisps etc, I notice my cravings coming on - from sweet to savoury then back to sweet... that is the main drawback to eating sweets and crisps etc.
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quorn chicken nuggets 1/2 syn each
Light philidelphia
erm the other day i shared some malteasers with bf
mostly its the cream cheese, i'm a cheese fiend. I could honestly sit down and eat a whole block grated on pasta - well not anymore hehe
I use mine on allsorts ..
mikados ( 0.5 each )
mini milk ( 1.5)
meringue nest in with fruit and yoghurt
caramel snack a jacks
am having a vodka or 2 tonight
sauces ..

I try and stick under 10 a day .. normally about 8 .. so I am able to have a few drinks now and then without feeling too bad :)
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Oreo cookies - 2 syns per biscuit if I remember, and come in "handy" packs of 4, so as not to empty the packet

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