What do you think about the oatmeal?


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I do realy like it its more like ready brek than porridge but everyones different Im sure the next person will hate it lol
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Lol, the next person adores it! It is like ready brek, or oats so simple. You can have it a bit stodgy or thinner - it's great! I love it!


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i love the oatmeal , i actually look forward to having it each morning, i don't use milk for anything during day so i have 50ml of skimmed milk then the rest water and that little bit of milk makes it so yummy, when i see my oatmeal packs get low i panic! (oh god help me i have oatmeal obsession) bt as the others have said each to their own some people really dislike it.


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I love it but then again I love 'normal' porridge.


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I like the porridge but I prefer my oatmeal made into a cinnamon/oatmeal cookie. Mix cinnamon into the oatmeal and stir in a couple of teaspoons of water, and dollop onto a plate (you can shape it into a round and rough up the top with a fork) and cook in the microwave about two minutes. If you do this, make sure you drink plenty of liquid with it though, as it's quite solid - but it does give you something substantial to chew on!


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that sounds lovely, i'll have to try that!


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Funnily enough, I've just tried them with a bit of cinnamon and sweeter then popped them in the oven until they were like a nice sweet doughy bread. Just finished them off warm with a nice cup of tea. Very nice and quite filling.