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What do you think of to keep yourself on track?

I have the most gorgeous size 10 jeans from Next which I bought in the sale a couple of years ago. Whenever I wore them I had loads of compliments.

Then I ended up in hospital and had to have an operation, lost the plot and piled on just under 3 stones in 8 months, silly girl.

I'm now back on track and the weight is coming off again. I'm so determined to get back into these jeans and that's what keeps me motivated.

What about you?
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I was a size 20 in Dorothy Perkins when I started. All of my clothes are a 20/18 from there. My aim is to be able to buy clothes from wherever I want. I have had to buy a few wardrobe updates in the last week or two as my work trousers are too big. I have bought some skirts today, because I think they'll 'last' longer i.e. wont look too big quickly!!
I'm going on my first holiday abroad and although I'm not going to be in a bikini, I want to at least be able to show off some leg hehe!! So my aim by July is to be a size 12 ( was a 22 when I started sw and am now a 14)
I'm going to be a bridesmaid in May and am freaking out about how I will look! That image in my head keeps me going!
I'm going to a friends wedding in august and will see people that u haven't seen for a long time.

I've always been big, can't even remember ever being a size 12/14 so I want to be able to go there and look fab in a smaller sized dress!
The thing that encourage me is thinking about the future. future children, future clothes, and a better future with even more happiness than right now.
I'm going to a friends wedding in august and will see people that u haven't seen for a long time.

I've always been big, can't even remember ever being a size 12/14 so I want to be able to go there and look fab in a smaller sized dress!
I know what u mean, I love going on vacation. So every year I try to lose even more weight to look great for all those vacation pictures.


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I bought the most amazing dress for my holiday to turkey in september and i leave it hanging on the outside of my wardrobe just to give me that extra motivation!!might sound silly but works for me... and I just think of how miserable I was before I started and I dont ever want to go back again!!! :):)


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For me - my avatar says it all - "no going back" - I want to continue having the life I have now rather then the existence I had then. When tempted to stray - I only have to think back to what life was like back then to remind me to stay on track.
I'm getting married next year and I'm not trying on dresses until I'm at target! xx
The baby me and my hubby desperatly want and have been trying for nearly 4 years, we are under a fertiliy clinic but need to get my bmi below 30 before they will help us - whenever I feel like cracking I think "do I want this more than I want a baby?" - The answer is always no! x
I have my first prom in 13 weeks and want to be at least 14st (i am 6ft) by the prom...

knowing this has spurred me on to lose 20lbs in 6 weeks :O
I am now a slimmer and happier 14st 8 ... 8 lb's in 13 weeks :O

I might even be able to reach 13st 7 for my prom (never been that slim before)

Having a goal like this really does help and i didnt realise how much losing weight meant to me until i cried at the last meeting as i realised how much i'd lost in the short amount of time and how i can actually see myself in the dress now :)
I was prompted to join SW a few weeks before I was due to fly home to try on my bridesmaid dress for my best friends wedding. I joined for me (not for her wedding) I'm sick of spending so much time hating myself.

I have been a size 16 since I was about 15/16 years old (I'm very nearly 28 now) and I was slowly approaching 18 - everything was getting tighter.

I was so fearful of trying on the dress as I'd asked her to get a 16 - but now was afraid I wouldn't be able to zip it up.

I just about managed to get it closed...but it was not comfortable.

She is a size 6 and will off course looking stuning on her wedding day!
Her two sisters (the other bridesmaids) are a lot smaller than me. For example... one sister was heavily pregnant when we were trying them on and a size 14 was loose on her!!

The fact that I am also about a foot taller than everybody in the wedding party - I am already going to stand out like a sore thumb! Iwant to stick out for being the tall good looking one...not the tall fat one!


...that all said...even if I don't make it to my ideal for her big day (which I don't think I will)...I am on this journey now and I know some time soon I will be the size I've always wanted to be!

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