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What do you think your reason were or "excuses" to gain weight?


Crawling to the finish!
and how will you combat them in future...

Im looking for my daily thinspiration... hehe

mine are 1) I met my fiancé and found the most happiness in a long time, which resulted in lots of eating due to comfort....

2)I had a baby!! hehe...

I was overweight when I got pregnant but gained so much anyway, I will avoid this in future by not saying "im eating for 2" as we all know thats a myth hehe, I will definately take more care in future when I have more kids xx
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Just no will power at all. Naughty me.
Plus it was "Ill definately start my diet tomorrow"
It was always tomorrow so i kept on gaining the pounds.

And to stop doing that after i come of this diet all healthy and lovely (pleaseplease)
im just going to avoid all the crap that got me to where i am today.

Heres hoping!


Here we go again!
Met my hubby, lots of nice meals out and not considering what I was eating. Being very happy but still comfort eating. Eating all the time even if I wasn't hungry. Portion control was out of control. If it was there I ate it and didn't consider the weight gains. Always thought I could start a diet on Monday and the weight would fall off, by Monday night I was back eating junk again.

This diet has taught me to appreciate food and what it's for. I'm going try and look at it as a fuel and nothing else. I will have treats, I know that, but just not to go overboard and keep eating even though I am not hungry. Got to listen to my body more!


Crawling to the finish!
yea i know the...."one more binge then diet tomorrow" hich last a month syndrome... x


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hay all:D 1)befor i had my baby i was around 8st when i got pregnant and had a lovely petite figure:cry: ok im alright now then i had my princess and went up to 10st i was about a size 10 and i didnt worry about my weight then.
2)then i was sitting at home doing nothing turned to comfort eating found i would never get full up and would stop once i liturally felt sick
3) my boyfriend started taking me cafe for breakfast and when coming home hed bring in food as i was tierd and didnt really enjoy the food i gave my daughter
4) gave up on caring what i looked like and wore baggy jackets and jumpers
now happy i found lt and on the way back to that petite figure. xxx

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