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What do you use as an easy Quick Fix??

I know that quick fix diets aren't the cure... I just need something to get me back on track.

I work well with seeing the scales move and just recently I haven't been able to get back into 'the frame of mind' for dieting.

I have a wedding to go to in just under a month and I am desperate to shift a few lbs *ideally a few stone but know that wont happen!*

Can anyone recommend a quick fix diet to get me back on track?
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I'm on a VLCD (Camridge diet) - they're certainly quick, and they are nutritionally complete and NICE approved - but it's undoubtedly an extreme solution, and not for everyone.
hmm I did Lighter Life *Hated it!* and then went to Cambridge Diet *which was nicer.* My problem is that I am currently unemployed so trying to save the pennies really... and those sorts of diets are really expensive! :(
I started my current plan with this:

same thing for breakfast each day, so I didn't need to think about it (choice isn't always a dieter's best friend);

dinner was a chopped potato, onion, some other veg, boiled as a soup with plenty of herbs and so on - super nutritious if a bit boring (I bet you could work out something using basic produce that fits your dietary needs & preferences that you can have 2 or 3 days in a row to get started);

same thing for supper each night - having something you don't want to keep nibbling more of, and where your taste buds can't lead the way by asking you for what they fancy, is ideal.

Clean out your cupboards of anything where you have a known pattern of eating more of it than you should as well - for me that'd be things like biscuits or even canned fruit.

And don't go to restock with it - even on a very tight budget, big packs of stuff are a false economy if you eat more than you planned just because they're really calling to you! :jelous:

Make sure you have bottles or glasses of water easily accessible wherever you sit in the day, be it at a desk or on your sofa, so drinking water is as easy as reaching out for another sip.

After you're done eating for the day, brush your teeth, this starts to build up an association of that taste with no more munching on stuff...

Can't think of anything else but basically that works for me, keeping choice to a minimum, getting rid of temptations, and making sure I have plenty of quantities of healthy lo-cal stuff.

Good luck!! :)
RachBlue... thank you for the suggestions. :) I might actually start brushing my teeth or eating a mint after dinner just to stop myself wanting to eat more. Having kids around the house (not mine... Boyfriends younger siblings) means its hard to get rid of chocolate etc all together... need to just up my will power not to touch them. And the water is a good idea too! Might invest in a 2ltr bottle to have next to me (as at the moment I'm too lazy to go downstairs all the time. :/) man that sounds bad! :/ Got to get my mind back on track!!
Having kids around the house (not mine... Boyfriends younger siblings) means its hard to get rid of chocolate etc all together... need to just up my will power not to touch them.
Always remember - if there's any possibility you're going to eat the darn chocolate, then they're not going to be getting it anyway! :cool:

Do you see the contradiction right there? :hmm:

So why not do something like give each of them a swag bag for that day's sweets, with their name on, or a treasure chest if they're older (little lockable cashbox, that they have the key to) for their sweets and treats if they tend to be a problem?

Just a thought... seems like an awful lot of people have stuff like that round "for the kids" - but the little 'uns don't get anything the grown-ups eat, after all, and the grown-up just expands and gets even more miserable! :eek:
haha they are 10 and 12... so not really little uns... but still little! I dont really have any say in what they do... after all they aren't my kids!

I think my main problem is that I am currently lazy... I use excuses far too much and I just feel pretty MEH about everything. (Being stuck at home nearly 24/7 does that to you. lol) I need to get off my bottom and do something!


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Do you have a reason why you can get up and go for a walk? Maybe go before or after dinner. It'll kickstart your metabolism and will help you to burn off anything you do eat.

What works for me (and admittedly not everyone) is to think about how fat I would be if I endlessly ate chocolate and crisps. It seriously prevents me from eating either at all because I know if I have one I'll want more!

Drink loads of water and, if you like the taste, green tea.

If you feel hungry drink water first, you might just be dehydrated.

Think about portion size. Maybe try cutting down everything you eat by a third and make sure at least half of your plate is veggies.

Try cutting out one bad thing from your diet. Chocolate/booze/crisps/cake/bread etc.

There are quick fixes like a raw diet, juice diet or very low carb diet but at the end of the week or so that you do this it is very easy to put it all back on. You need to do them for a boost then swing back into a healthy diet.


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raw vegan and green/herbal tea's

:) makes you feel refreshed after too

BUT: i dont reccomend this for a long time, a weekend maybe, but a week would be quite hard to keep up
The best way I've found for me to get a quick reaction from the scale is doing calorie pyramids. At the beginning of the week I'll have higher calories with more fats, carbs, sugars, etc. During the middle of the week I eat much lower calories with mostly veggies and lean proteins. Then as it reaches the end of the week I'll raise it back up to restart for the next week. You shouldn't need to do it for more than a couple weeks before seeing a change. When I do this I feel like I'm tricking my body. I nourish and spoil it and immediately after I nearly go into a fasting mode. While my body is still used to metabolizing larger, fuller amounts of food it will use up the energy I'm already storing instead.

P.S. Doing this is also wonderful for bloat. Water weight goes away very quickly when I use this approach to my diet.
Elementhia said:
Are diets like lighterlife or cambridge *really* that expensive? I thought they were like £60 a month. Tbh i probably spend more than that a week on food when im not dieting.
Closer to 60 a week :) they're expensive but they work quickly and give huge results at first

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Cambridge is about £44 a week, lighterlife is more like £70. Exante (internet only) is £25 a week if you buy in bulk.

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