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What do you use Quark for?

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Hi Carthago, I love quark!! It's fantastic used in cheesecake by adding sweetener, and a sachet of Options white chocolate (as in the white choc, strawberry and ginger cheesecake recipe in the new Mag). I've also had quark and options choc sachet as a dessert/snack on its own! I also mix it with Marmite and have it on HEXb crispbreads, or mix it with pesto and stir into pasta! When stirred into pasta it melts into it gloriously! I've also used it in recipes for moussaka and lasagne! When used on its own it doesn't taste great, but when mixed with other flavours and added to other things, it's a fantastic ingredient! One of the things that helps you to feel like you're not on a 'diet' at all!! It has quite a long shelf life too which is handy as you don't have to find a way to use it straight away!!X


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i use it for mashed potato but nowt else yet lol


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I just made a cheesy pasta with mine. warm the quark (don't let it boil or it will curdle), a little water and stir in 28g parmesan (HEA) and add mushroom, onions and any other veg you want, and then add the pasta to it. I had mine with 2 salmon fillets placed on top of my tagliatelle:)
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Wow, these are amazing and interesting suggestions. It's definitely going into my basket :)



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I mix it with garlic and herbs, stuff a chicken breast and then wrap in bacon. Bake in the oven, for a syn free chicken kiev type thing - very yummmyyy!


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I use it with beaten eggs, cheese and seasoning as a basic quiche filling as well as for cheesecakes.



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I use it as a substitue for anything that requires soft cheese in the recipe and also beat it in with eggs to make a really yummy textured quiche.
As it absorbs the flavour of anything you mix it with, I use it for macaroni cheese. I add a HE portion of blue cheese to it, leave for a few hours and then mix through my macaroni for a really cheesy sauce flavour.

It also makes a really great syn free dip just by adding your favourite spices or garlic to it.

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my dad has just made me the most amazing pate with quark.

he whizzed up smoked makerel, quark and lemon juice-delish!!!!

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