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What do you want to get out of this journey

Just wanted to start a positive threat for all of us to see what people what to achieve and do when they get to their desired weight loss / clothes size.

Be a good example to me children
feel fit and be healthy again
feel confident
not self conscious
to wear designer clothes again (best start saving)
go skiing with the family
go swimming

Be really interested in your thoughts on how you see themselves as you get near to your ideal.

Have a great week everyone.
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i so want to look good in a pair of jeans, when i see my self in a shop window im not shocked at what i look like :eek::eek: and feel more healthy and go for a walk and come home full of vigor and not like a puffed out balloon :hide:
Now I am in my 40s I am conscious that I can no longer get away with being overweight. Things are aching and the health risks are greater. Whilst watching Strictly Come Dancing last year I was struck how how different Pamela Stephenson and Felicity Kendal were to Anne Widdicombe and thought to myself that if I carry on like I am I will be like her when I am in my 60s and that now is the time to decide what I want to be.

Oh, and I want to be a size 10 :D
I want to be able to wear skirts and pretty dresses (my legs are currently like tree trunks) but most of all I want to feel confident with my new body and be able to go swimming, to a spa, or water park or even on the beach in a bikini
i just want my confidence back!!!
I've realised I care less about the actual pounds and more bout being happy with my mirror reflection. So id like:

- To get to size 8 (if maintainable, if not id be happy with a long term 10)
- Healthy for my height (sort of already achieved)
- Fit back into my lovely old clothes!
- Confident to smile at the camera rather than a 'pout' (Which sucks my cheeks in!)
- Realising I can be happy and treat myself to non-edible things, to the point I don't see a doughnut as a rewarding treat!
I'd love to actually look at a picture of myself without thinking how HUMONGOUS I look.
I want to look half decent in a suit at my sister's wedding.
I want to be confident enough to use the showers at the local gym.
I'd love to walk around in summer full of confidence, that'd be fantastic! I think I'd achieve that by being happier with myself and feeling pride for coming so far. There's so many success stories on here which just make you carry on. :)
I want to wear trendy jeans & I want to be fit & have loads of energy to keep up with my 3 kids.
Oh & I want the confidence to meet a new man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;);)
Ive always been podgy, so I guess I wanna know what its like.
I want my confidence back
I want to look good in all the summer clothes im gonna buy for my trip to America!
I want to look good at my graduation!
Fit into designer clothes :)
To get down to a healthy weight once and for all, so i can minimise my risk of inheriting ailments (cancer etc) later on in life (family history).


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Great thread
I want to fit into clothes I want to wear not the clothes that just fit me, want to be confident again and feel attractive again.
I love reading all this - it just gives me so much motivation when I want to grab a packet of crisps - thanks for all your comments.

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