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What does it take to get out of Ketosis??

Hi All :)

Well, after many days of waiting (and checking Ketostix/scales every hour!!!:eek:) Since my xmas lapse, and beyond I finally went pink lastnight (well the stick did! :rolleyes:)

For the past few days whilst trying to jump back on I've not let myself have any bars as I think this can affect the amount of time it takes to start burning, but I just wondered... what takes you out of ketosis? and please don't say "food"!!! :p because I know that! For example, for those people who are on management and eating a small amount of protein, are you still in ketosis ?? and maybe milk week... which I think is week 11 or something... does this bring u out too??

Just wondering... because its a bl00dy pain to get into!!! :( (it wasnt the first time round! 3 days and I was done!!!!)

thanks all :) xx
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Its carbohydrates that take you out of ketosis. I'm doing CD790 and have some protein and green/white veg and some skimmed milk everyday and I'm still in ketosis.
Like most things in life (sigh) this is not an easy one to answer! Basically, getting into or falling out of ketosis is harder or easier on an individual basis - for some people they might be able to eat something high carb and still stay in ketosis, others only have to have a diet coke or even a LL bar a day (for the ultra sensitive) and they're out. Life isn't fair (you should know this by now!!!;))

I have been doing RtM for the last three days - adding protein and as of yesterday some green salad. I checked ketosis last night, and I am still in it - which reassures me that I can still lose my last 6 pounds over the next few weeks.

As Peridot says though, everyone is different - according to our counsellor early in the programme she said each of the packs will take you out of ketosis if only for a short time - particularly the bars which have a higher carb level than the shakes and soups.

The carb and pink stick...

Hi Claire

On one or two big family occasions I have been off the reservation and had small preplanned meals and not come out of ketosis.

However when I was treated to a surprise day away for my birthday with a visit to a sushi bar (something I have always wanted to try) the absolute tiniest bit of rice kicked me out and kicked me out for an age!

So it does seem a bit random to what you are sensitive. its a personal thing that affects what takes you out of ketosis and what level of carbs you can have and remain in (for example my mate had Diet coke, crimble dinner, pudding, wine and some dairy milk and profiteroles and remained IN!) all right it was small amounts of all of the above but I was amazed.

I choose not to risk it now as getting in was a struggle and seemed a waste of a week peeing on sticks like a mad thing to see it I was in yet.


Deb G

Silver Member
On Atkins you stay under 20g carbs a day, and doing that I was in ketosis. However, people's rates vary so you could be able to eat more, or maybe have to eat even less to stay in ketosis. The carb content of our foodpacks is higher than this (as I recall) so it also calls into account the fact that calories from other sources can have an influence.
I want to know how to get into it! Well, turn the stick pink anyway. Tried no bars, tried no caffeine, then I thought, well ****** it, I'm getting the results, and not feeling hungry, so why worry?
I ate over xmas but am sure i stayed in K - i ate meat and veg and a bit of chesse and a few crisps. But could feel my body burning it all away. I didnt think id lose but didnt think id put much on maybe 1lb. SO was very proud of myself - then i got home and had 2 days off still and decided at 11pm one night that I would eat half a thin Pizza... I feel awful now - I feel really big and sluggish and feel like im wearing a belt of bricks! So i guess im out of K now - as this is how I used to feel before LL. Bloody pizza! agghhhhhh

All i know is carbs are my downfall and now I have to go through the headaches and pain for what I thought would be a few days but now might take longer! EVIL PIZZA.

P xxx
Peanut!! Put it behind you and jump back on!!

I was SO tempted to lapse today but have my WI tomorrow so didn't think it was wise... can't wait until tomorrow because although I don't think I've lost anything (my last pop-in was thursday... but feel like my xmas binge has caught up with me) I just can't wait to get back into the routine of things!!!

Deb G

Silver Member
I want to know how to get into it! Well, turn the stick pink anyway. Tried no bars, tried no caffeine, then I thought, well ****** it, I'm getting the results, and not feeling hungry, so why worry?
Some people will NEVER show up on the sticks no matter what you do or don't eat - so don't worry. It doesn't show up for all of the population, so don't panic. I go through weeks where it shows and others where it doesn't, but I do nothing different. If you're losing weight and you're not hungry, you'll be in ketosis.:)
Thanks, Deb! It would just be interesting to know why some of us don't turn that stick pink. I'm definitely not complaining though - it's really not important as long as the weight is coming off.
when I did the atkins diet I followed religously and it took me 7 days to go into ketosis yet my partner took just two days. I think its down to the individual.

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