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What does ketosis feel like?


Gotta Make A Change
Hunger pangs go
You start burning fat and also you feel alot better
It usually takes about 3-4 days for most to get into ketosis. You notice the thick metallic taste in your mouth upon waking and less hunger and more energy. The first few days of induction when you are detoxing from carbs can make you feel crappy, but hang in there!
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For me it was more a gradual thing, I didn't wake up one day feeling full of energy, with no hunger whatsoever...it kind of crept up on me.
Bit by bit, I noticed the foul breath (metallic), and I gradually noticed that food wasn't on my mind quite so much...although I had a noisy stomach into week 2-3!! (but without the food cravings, if that makes sense)
I still haven't had the big energy rush that some people get, and now and then I still feel hunger pangs, but I know that I am definitely in ketosis because I would never have managed to last 7 weeks on this diet without significantly reduced hunger!
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Different people will have different experiences getting into ketosis. I hardly suffered at all and 'the ketosis fairy' visited me at the end of day 3. I think this is because I didn't have a carb heavy diet generally before I started Exante. If you normally eats stacks of bread, pasta, spuds and rice then it may take 4 or 5 days.

I find I do still get hungry when in ketosis BUT it's not all the time. It's when I'd expect to feel hungry ... maybe 4 or 5 hours after having had a pack. A pack fills me up completely - 10 minutes after having a shake I feel like I've had a full dinner.

My energy levels increase significantly on a VLCD (that's a real bonus!!)
All in all Ketosis is a godsend when you're on as few calories as we are. :)
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Thanks folks!

I feel absolutely fine and I'm not suffering at all today *touch wood* I'm just hoping I'm very lucky and am finding the changes easy and that it's not all going to hit me in the face later!

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