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What drink to order at a bar?

I'm off out for a works do, first time I've been out in years, let alone since I've been doing LL!! Thing is I'm just wondering what drink to order at the bar as I don't want it to be completely obvious that I'm not normal like everyone else!!! LOL!

What do you order when you go out??
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Thanks DQ - just out of interest as I can't remember, can I drink tonic water, and if so, is it vile???!!


Queen of the Damned
I don't think you can, but I remember thinking it was nasty too! :giggle:

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
I always drink soda water.
I take my drinks flavourings with me & add them to the water.
Cherry, how do you add the flavourings without drawing attention to yourself?? I'd love to take my sunshine orange, but thought I might draw more than a few odd looks!

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
If I'm sat down I just spoon it out of my bag which would either be on the floor or seat, or nip to the loo & do it.
If people have had a few they ain't gonna notice anyway.


Queen of the Damned
Lol, and if anyone asks just say you can sell them some at a 'price' ;)
DQ - knowing my luck I'd be done for dealing!!! ;-)

Sidewalk, I can't drink any alcohol at all as I'm on LL. Can't drink soft drinks either. But it's fine, as I'm going to be feeling great on Saturday morning hangover-less!!
LOL.. can just imagine it.. walking round with a baggy of white powder in your bag and you yelling.. "ITS JUST WATER FLAVOURING.. TASTE IT.. TASTE IT.."

i would always (if i was doing cd or LL) order water with loooadsa ice and a straw.. lol

x x


Queen of the Damned
Believe me, I have been on the receiving end of those dodgy looks, especially at work :giggle:
Im going out tonight, im sticking to water..its safer if you are on a vlcd.
No hangover in the morning either, im just gonna watch my mate get hammered..lol and i know i dont need alcohol to have a good time anyway as i always dance my hmm socks off..hehe
Ah hi Emz
I stuck to cd, found shakes i like now, so much happier.
How are you doing?????

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