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What exercise?

Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone does any exercise/sport etc? Only been on LT for a few days but feel as if I should be doing more! Prob is I don't have any energy at all at the moment! :sigh:Hope this changes as I melt away (not that I've ever been very energetic!).
Any advise on how much to do or not to while on LT would be great! :confused:
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Hiya, I was wondering the same and was going to ask later on, this is my first week and to be honest I really dont have the energy to do anything now but like yourself was wondering how much do ya have to do, like join a gym or what? Hopefully we will get answers here, sorry I cant be of any help.


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they do say you should lay off excercise for the 1st week if you feel crap but just do what your body tells you if you feel like excercising do it, tbh through my whole lt journey iv not really excercised at all done a fitness dvd occasionally, i done it loads in the first couple of weeks then just became slack, i do alot of walking though!
you don't need to do exercise for the first couple of weeks, or until you feel like you have enough energy to do it. I didn't do anything for about the first 3 - 4 weeks. Now i do wii fit and go to the gym at work during my dinnerhour. you will soon start feeling up to doing more xx
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apparently, and a few pharmacists have told me this, lipotrim gives maximum weight loss so exercise won't bring any more pounds down. I still dont see how that can be true other than building muscle mass, but either way exercise is great for feeling healthy and for toning so the way I see it, if I lose 3 stone with no exercise, I'll look like I've lost 3 stone. But if I lose 3 stone whilst exercising too, then it could look like I've lost 3 and a half -more toned and healthier.

I'm starting soon -just after I get the house finished (decoratin sob sob) so next week I'm a hittin the gym!!!
Thanks for all the ideas and advise. I love the idea of a Wii! Wonder if I can persuade my husband that he really would like one too?!!:D
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I called the Lipotrim help line to ask their advise was if you exercised before carry on if not then their is no need and you would need to run something like 32miles to lose a lbs on this diet so the exercise really is just to tone - suits me fine so i now just to 10 minutes exercise bike in the morning when i get in 10 -20 minutes again - just to tone

hth - i have also been speaking to hubby about a Wii & Wii fit looks like i may just be getting one :D:D so glad i have more energy in the evenings it's paying off *wink wink * LOL

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