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what happens at a first group meeting pls

well im off to face the scales of doom in a couple of hours for the very first time !!

im thinking im going to set my target at 21lb to take me from 12st to 10 and a half

can you guys tell me what i can expect from tonight please
are you allowed to strip off to get weighed ? or just shoes off ?

is it going to be like fat fighters ?? lol

im not going to be able to go next week - will that be a problem ?

thx xx
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Hi Daisy,
For your first meeting you will get the new members talk (explain how the plan works etc) with the consultant.
Then, you will sit in for Image therapy (where everyone talks about losses/gains and general support). Awards are given out here, Slimmer of the Week is announced and there will usually be a raffle.
Then you will be weighed (one to one) once the session has finished for everyone else. (this is what happens in my group anyway).
No need to strip off! Shoes do come off though!! Wear something that you feel comfortable in - I got into the habit of wearing pretty much the same thing every week (incl lucky pants!!!!).

All relaxed and no need to worry.

Let them know that you can't make it when you pay - you may be able to get it as a holiday week.

Look forward to hearing how you get on!!


Onwards and downwards!
Good luck at your first meeting! Don't worry about anything, they will explain it all to you and you will get plenty of chance to ask as many questions as you need to :)

stripping isnt the norm at my group, but shoes n cardie off is ok as is losing beads, bangles n scarves :) it takes me ages to get all my accessories off

1st group is a bit weird - you go and then it depends on the consultant , if they have other people weighing in they go through the plan with you then you sit through image therapy. If they do the weighing themselves then you sit through image therapy then go through the plan. but the one thing that is universal in every SW group I have been to is people are really nice :) so dont be scared or worried everyone is in the same boat and often people will say hi and chat

Image therapy is where the consultant speaks to each member to see how their week has been, the group listen to this as it may give them hints or tips for themselves or they may be able to help the member if they have STS or gained. most consultants will do private questions after class if your really shy but its always best to if you can share with the group (tenner bet someone else wants to know the exact same thing but wont ask!)

you get 6 holidays a year so missing isnt a problem as long as your C knows you will be missing group before the class. If you work shifts speak to your C she may have another group you can pop to on another day or time, or they may know of one you can go WI at on weeks when you cant make her class

anyway :) enjoy tonight its quite an ok "diet" to follow and ive never been to a group where the people were not lovely
Hey if there was a private area for the scales id be in my undies!

if you miss a week for no reason you pay back fees when you go back to class.

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