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What happens at your WI??

Hi Guys,

I've just been talking to my friend who is also on LT but she goes to a different chemist.. They check her blood pressure and calculate BMI etc..

When I go I'm just in and out - I weigh, pick my shakes and pay - then I'm out the door..

I'm a bit concerned that I should be having my blood pressure checked etc..
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i go in and sit down

we have a discussion and asks if i have any concerns

then get weighed and shakes, calc bmi and losses

never heard about the blood pressure
I'm a bit the same get weighed have a chat how its going pay for the shakes and out again.


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I only started yesterday - no BP check no height measured and therefore no BMI :(

They gave me a sample bottle for next week but said it was just for the first week - I mean I don't mind because I can and have done my own BMI and have ketostix but maybe they should have done the above??

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Same as Adam chat and shakes. Xx


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I go in,get weighed,"everything going, ok" yeah, shakes, pay, door :D The personal touch, she doesn't even know my name and ive seen her every week for about 4 month :rolleyes:


I will be skinny again!!!
I go in, Say im here for my weigh in...

Get a strange look.. then asked what my name is...

Get weighed.. Asked what shakes I want and pay...

But on monday there I actually had a nice lady who asked how i was getting on and stuff and even suggested the vanilla and coffee thing to me...

First one that has bothered to talk to me really!!

I havent had my blood preasure or pee checked...

And Jan.. Yeah they should have measured you and done your Bmi for the chart to see how you started off etc!!
Go in ..ask for weigh in..asked name...get weighed..silence.....gets a chart out...tells me what i've lost...any problems?...no..what shakes?...pay....leave..! How exciting !!! xx The first woman i had was lovely but this one is like a walking corpse. xx


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no BP checked
certainly no tinkle check

did do height

ask what shakes,

i get on the scales and tell her what it says, she doesnt gdt up from her desk...

also doesnt know my name... and still asks what im inteh chemist for every week haha

i also have to go home and convert it from KG tolbs aswell as she doesnt know how to do that..

she DOES howveer, know how to take my money and put it in the till...
hiya I go in have a quick chat about how the weeks gone my blood pressure is done once a month asked what shakes i want pay of home
I am their first Lipotrim customer, so I got ushered into the backroom, sat amongst the employees' lunches, bags, coats, etc. But they seem really nice, and when I took back the rest of my chicken "poops", they were happy to swap them for me. My first week weigh in is on Saturday (which will actually be day 9 for me). I've already been told that they aren't doing the sample thing (no prob - I bought some Ketostix), bloodpressure, or really anything other than supply the shakes and weigh in, so no other expectations.

As far as im aware as i work in a pharmacy and we do lipotrim
I get weighed asked how everything is, do pee test, calculte weight loss, get shakes and pay.
Its friendly as i know the person weighing me but its the same for everyone, we ask how they are doing, weigh them do pee check, calculate height, sell shakes/soups.
At first the height is done as it is used to calculate bmi. They should be more friendly, but we have never been told to do blood pressure.
all i do is get weighed straight out with my shakes after taking my money now and again get asked how im doing. ever checked my ketosis or anything
I'm lucky that I have a lovely lady who weighs me. I knew her from when we were preggers together - we both have battles with the bulge. We have a good old natter as ladies do, then I get weighed. Never had urine tested or blood pressure (Apart from the time I went to the doc to start LT) I had to have a blood test too. I enjoy my weigh ins - apart from the early ones like this morning. I was up there at 8am. I then go with my usual list of 5 vanilla, 8 strawbery and 8 chocolate and leave till the following week :)
I go in get weight, height and bmi checked (not that im going to grow any more at this stage!!). Pharmacist fills in my weight in lbs on my LT card and fills my bag with shakes of my choice, i pay my money and go. Have to say pharmacist is always very friendly and even after only 3 weigh ins he knows why im there each week without me having to explain myself in front of everyone at the counter. Its quite discreet. Never had my pee checked or my blood pessure done though.

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