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what happens when you just wanna eat???

What a girl has to do is go.

Dont give up now. You can finish this. Just go, be honest, so what you have done 100 days and nobody is perfect.

Remember to go whatever and do not feel ashamed whatever you do.

Good luck
Remember to go whatever and do not feel ashamed whatever you do.

Good luck
Otherwise I will come round there and:whoopass:

No not a pervert just having a funny 1/2 hour - AGAIN:D
Hey dalite

You've been out and had a meal plus a couple of extra bonus foods? So what! Nobody died! You've just achieved 100 days without food and lost a whole lotta weight too! One day off the diet isn't going to ruin that....... But not being honest with yourself and not getting a grip again now just might! Now's the time to dig deep, stick at the plan and further reep the rewards. There's nothing to be scared or to feel bad about. We're all human, please don't beat yourself up. Good luck! x
Dalite - you're doing this for you and as it's for you you've got to get right back on the wagon and get to your next class --- don't hide or you will just give it up.
Another thing I meant to say was that if you think about it in the way that you gave yourself the weekend off you can turn those negative thoughts about failing into positives - it was your choice. Now you just have to choose to get back on plan. Good luck!
WHen the voices in the refridgerator call me, lately I sing this little jingle, ala Amy Winehouse:

They tried to make me go to Refridge'
I said NO NO NO
They think I'll be bad, that would be sad

Be brave dalite!! Go back in, hold your head high for being humand for not being the first (or last) person who has had a wobble on the diet....and get back on track.

If you are worried about a couple of days off the plan, think how bad you will feel if you miss the meeting, and then have another wobble, etc......

Chin up, bite the bullet, and get back on that horse again!! You can do it girl!!




Happily pro pointing!
I think hitting the 100 days is very tough, all the way from the start there is this figure in your head about 100 days and you subconsciously feel that this must be the end.
My 100 days were up on Thursday and my chatterbox has been doing overtime. Luckily we weren't out this weekend so I was able to deal with it, had it been next weekend when we are away I don't think I could have been so strong.

This isn't failure, it isn't anything to be ashamed of, after all, you did only eat, you didn't kill anybody (did you??? :D). Draw a line under it, start afresh, make some new goals, nobody at your meeting is going to have a go, they will be supportive and help you through it.

Next time you feel wobbly, come on here beforehand and talk to us, it really does help and has stopped many of us straying from the path (or not taking it too far anyhow ;))

How far have you left to go?
Accept what you did. Think about why you did it and then make sure you recognise when it's starting to happen again.

One thing not to do is to think its all ruined and give up. We are only human after all. Be kind to yourself.

Why not set a mini goal to give you something to focus on short term - how about 20lbs by easter?

Take care!
thanks all so much for the great words especially the new song i think that it should be the lighter life anthem.xxxxx
they tried to make me go to de fridge
i said no no no


Back to the grindstone!!
Yeah, we are all human and it happens. I am sure your LLC will be used to the occasional blip or two from their clients so don't worry about it. Every new day is just that. Start fresh and set yourself a short term goal to aim for. Development is a bit whishy washie in that respect and our group all set small goals and that really helped to focus us.
It really is such a small time scale out of your life and think where you will be at the end of it and how fantastic you will feel.
It was a long and difficult road for me but I am now in RtM and loving my new life, body, outlook and things are really positive for me. It was 7 months but it is 7 months well spent time and I can't recommend getting back on the wagon highly enough.
Keep on this site, it really is a life saver and there is always someone about to help if you are needing a bit of advice, comfort or company.
Good luck!!!
another week and another dissapointment
i really have lost the plot. If i dont stick this week then im going to .....................well im still hoping i will get back on track.
What has happened?

Did you eat, or did you not lose any weight?

Come on, tell the minimins agony aunts, cos lets be honest, we all do have moments of agony after all.

I suspect you are being hard on yourself again.:)

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