What has been your biggest temptation challenge to date?


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I think mine was last night. Before I decided to jump back on the TFR train I offered to help out at our works pub quiz. My job was to go and collect the half time food which happened to be 58 potions of fish and chips. ON MY OWN!!!

The smell in my car for the 10 minute journey was awesome, I think I was actually drooling. How on earth I stopped myself from pulling over for a little snackette I will never know.

Thankfully all 58 fish and chips arrived at the venue in tact and my team came 3rd overall :)

Go me!
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Mine was a few hours ago as it's Saturday it's pizza night in my house and making the dough and putting the toppings on was so hard, my little boy was like mum can you make me cheesy bites, and like the loving mother I did then my little girl was like mum aren't you going to have a pizza please just take a slice of mine, my heart melted and I had to hold it all together and say no sweetness mummy's ok Im going to have a soup instead.

Ohhhhh the smells coming from the oven was so much, the pizza was nice, soft and doughy just how I like it but I kept strong and drank my soup, feeling good on the inside.


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Yay for willpower! Well done :)


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I live in university halls and my flatmates are always making delicious food, baking and making cocktails. it kills me!


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Well done you guys for staying strong....

Mine was way back in September a couple of weeks after starting LT. I was at a funeral of a guy who's been like a father to me for years, he used to be a client but then he came to Jersey as a tax exile and we got really close, used to holiday together (with our respective partners of course) and even though he was 30 years older than me we were great friends. At the funeral it was all pink champagne, cos that was his favourite, and caviar, oysters and lobster, cold roast beef......all my favourites and I was so upset and just wanted to tuck in. But I didn't, I kept pouring sparkling water into a champagne flute and wandered around the house talking to people......

Mental isn't it? But some days you can rest anything and others even a chip is too much temptation!


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Mine is every Friday night, which is takeaway night at our house, usually Chinese, or sometimes Curry, always washed down with 2/3 bottles of wine, a good movie, and a good old laugh, obviously i've put a stop to all that,.... well.... if i can't have it, then hubby can't either, and he doesn't mind at all....Bless him


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Mine is everytime I go to work, at a bakery making biscuits for cheese and granola and stuff mmmmm

And college cause there's a Starbucks and unlike some that have some sickly caramel latte with cream AND sugar ( you know who u r lol) I find it hard to resist an iced caffe mocha oh and almond biscotti's lol


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Hahahahaha buggar off Miss Baguette AND iced latte WITH extra cream AND biscotti! Haha.

Ok so mine is bloody starbucks at college i miss my sugar rush from mocha with caramel syrup whipped cream and 3 sugars! Mmmmmmm damn you woman, now i want a starbucks, good job college is closed hahahha! xxxxx


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I was being good saying latte

You added the mocha bit, made it sound so much worse lol

And this week I will be having a shake and only americano coffee lol promise


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I attended a family dinner, drove a 4.5 hr round trip to watch my family eat. And was out for the day with some friends and we nipped in to burger king on the way home, and i had nothing! But man those melt in the middle burgers look awesome!

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I went to my sister's today for my niece and nephew's birthday lunch and my sister made roast lamb, roast potatoes, roast parsnips, yorkshire puddings, broccoli, carrots and runner beans and then hot chocolate pudding with either cream or custard plus lots of fizzy wine. It nearly killed me.


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Well done for keeping straight! I know its going to be mental torture very shortly for me but tubby or sexy? I know which I prefer :D